Whats Wrong With Team India?

Well ! Well ! Well !

Who I am ?? I am the guy….

Who woke up several times early morning @5 with a cup of tea and half eyes open but still eager to watch an Indian against Aussies encounter (back to the days when we watched it over Doordarshan)?

Who followed cricket like a crazy kid!
Who followed cricket from Match fix to memorable six!!
Who followed cricket From Ajay Jadeja to Ravinder Jadedja …and still loving this game!!

I am no-one but a passionate Indian cricket team supporter among yourselves for the last 20 years. Most of you have already did that and followed that 100 times more than me…who still thinks by winning any single match they have made us proud and made our day. But the reason which forced me to put my foot down and pen down my thoughts is different. The reason is our Indian Cricket Team. Our own heroes! Not because of the quality of winning hearts by their great gesture or great game but unfortunately for their disaster show.

The recent poor and the most humiliating show of Indian Cricket team forced me to think whether I should still follow and admire them or better to switch to those reality shows or sass bahu dramas which are anyway fake. Just to let all of you know that I am not one of the good blog writers who can tell you the most amazing and juicy stuff but the reason is different here. The reason is why I am not able to digest the fact that I can’t follow Indian cricket any more
What is wrong with this team ??
What is wrong with our heroes who made us proud everywhere? Those who made us thought that nothing is bigger than will power. We have shown in South Africa, Australia and everywhere that we can move mountains and we did but what happened suddenly? Are we running towards money? Are we tired or what else is the reason?
We are struggling like hell. Lot of things has already been said and written in the media like so much cricket, senior players (playing beyond age) and what not. And the most interesting one that I recently heard that Sehwag is splitting the team. The crappy views of our veterans are also adding fuel to that. They are more kind of blame game than excuses. No single fan will agree that our most powerful, fearless and the match winning player, our own Veeru can ever think this kind of shit. I firmly believe that if players are not supposed to react during their tours then it is the responsibility of our fans and media to believe and trust them. We should actually show them the support that we will not digest these kinds of stories and we should strongly oppose the Aussie media for spreading these baseless rumours. By doing this I believe we can’t do much but can increase at least some level of motivation of the players so that they know that the whole India supports them and they should not worry about the crap which is spreading in media. All fans are yet to get the correct reason. Why this down fall is happening? Being a cricket fan for more than 20 years I don’t find any single reason for this poor show. What I felt is the one and only reason that are we in a relaxed mode? After winning world cup last year things are not coming in favor of India but before that everything was on track. So are we going on a different path altogether?

I don’t want to go in statistics whether in India or overseas how many matches has India won but I only remember the humiliations. England whitewash and now Kangaroos show (hope it won’t be a whitewash! See my inner passion for cricket is still hoping that we will start winning from here) 😉

I am tossing the coin among all of you crazy and diehard fans that followed cricket like a religion and worshiped our heroes of Indian cricket team. What should the players, the BCCI or everybody related to team India do so that we can still believe in our heroes and cherish victories and follow this cricketing passion for entire life? Do we really need a 3 -4 months break so that we can again click as a team or else same story will continue? We badly need to get things work in favour for Indian cricket. And this is the only worry at this point of time. We know we have a knack of winning matches but we need direction now.

I am leaving this story here now and hoping that some other cricket lover will start from where I am concluding.

Believe me this is my true feeling after watching India 161 and Australia 149/0 (first day at Perth) and cricinfo is stating: That’s the end of an utterly humiliatingly day for India. If their fans were wondering how things could get worse after the England whitewash last year, there was the mauling in Sydney.

As a cricket lover: All we want good matches rather close matches, to win or lose is not our cup of tea…isn’t??

[This is a Guest Post by Abhishek Goel, who is a good friend and ardent Cricket/iDubba fan :)]

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