Would you take part in “Sach Ka Saamna”?

Before I end up asking you this question, I am sure that you might ask me this question. Well, for that you will have to wait till the end of this post. Hang on… don’t scroll down for the answer so soon. 😉

Ok, so let’s first try and understand what this show is all about, and why are people afraid to participate in it. Forget participating, there have been instances when some of my friends are not even willing to discuss about this show. When I ask them what’s wrong, all they say is…. “Have you heard the kind of questions that they ask !!”  So … Have you heard the kind of questions that they ask…….

So what is Sach Ka Saamna…. It’s an Indian version of a popular American reality show The Moment of Truth.  It was first aired on Star Plus way back in 2009, and now is back with the second season on a new channel – Life Ok.  Rajeev Khandelwal is back again in the second season as well. The Participants are asked 50 questions with the help of a polygraph machine. A polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector) measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse,respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions. Out of these 50 questions the contestants are asked only 20 question during the show. And this is where the fun begins…. oopss not fun.. its Drama and emotions that take the show to a new level. And to make it more difficult, the contestant has to face the questions in the presence of their family members.  ( Hope you did not scroll down to check my answer 😉 )

The Game show is simple… just answer the question truthfully…. seems easy right…  Well hang on, with every new level, the questions get more and more personal, and based on relations, extra marital affairs and on and on and on. Well to make it even more interesting, the participant’s family is given a buzzer, and should they feel that the question should not be answered, they can just press it. And then the next question is asked, but they can use this life saver buzzer only once. The pressure to answer the truth is so huge that there have been cases where the family breaks down after hearing the truth and the participant causes this pain to the family. It’s a question of big money, the more money you win, more is the truth (ugly truth) uncovered. 

Some might say that it’s a crazy show; one must not entertain such shows and ban it. It does not add value to the society and creates a rift between families. This show might also affect to the families who are watching this show and makes the surrounding’s bitter. There was a huge uproar in the 1st season when the game was getting popular as well as getting harsh comments too. Some say that what is wrong if the person is willing to answer personal questions in front of television audience. And some say that if you want to say the truth, say it to your family, why do you need to confess in front of the nation….  What is your opinion…. Do you agree or disagree ….. Do let us know your view on this reality show….Don’t worry I have not forgotten the question …Would you take part in “Sacch Ka Saamna”…… Well before I answer this question, my family will press the buzzer 😉

6 thoughts on “Would you take part in “Sach Ka Saamna”?

  1. agreed.. it aint that real afterall, well, if people like to sell their secret for the sake of money and some entertainment… 😀

  2. Well Everyone has to confront the truth. Some brave ppl might go for a public show while some like us have to confront truth to selves, but in either condition the individual will be confronting the truth… its just the matter of fact whether to acclaim it publicly or confront yourself, improve yourself n overcome it

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