What makes C.I.D so special !!!

It started way back in Jan 1998, and since then it has been the longest-running crime thriller. I often wonder what makes the viewers glued to SONY TV even after 12 years. Yes, it is the Dramatic and completely unpredictable plot and story line of C.I.D.The complexities faced by the CID team at every stage makes it even more interesting to viewers. It makes me think as well how the smallest of clues can help to solve a case altogether!!! This is one serial which is followed by people from all age group right from children to old people.

C.I.D., whenever we hear of this name we can only think of Sony Entertainment Television. The Series is about a team of detectives working for Crime Investigation Department in Mumbai. It is about the hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection and suspense. The team is lead by ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam,he is a renowned Indian TV serial and film actor).This serial is regarded as the longest running TV series in India. B.P.Singh is the creator and director-producer of CID, and has also produced hit horror series Aahat.

So coming back to the all important question… What makes CID such a huge HIT….? Well it’s often said that the Characters of a serial makes huge impact on the viewers and also ensures that the audience stays connected with its characters. No doubt that story is the backbone, but characters make the story alive.”Dekh kya rahe ho Daya , Darwaza tod do”. I am sure that everyone remembers this famous dialogue and Mr Daya. Many of you might not know that he was the champion of discus throw from State Maharastra in 1994. He plays one of the most important characters in CID and is very well supported by Abhijeet and Fredricks (Freddy). Viewers love the way Abhijeet tries to flirt with Dr.Tarika , Freddie gets so worked up whenever they get a case connected to bhooth/atma and who can forget Dr.Salunkhe who frequently argues with ACP Pradyuman, and Abhijeet, but does have a soft spot for the C.I.D team. There is this unique quality of every character that ensures that the Audience stays connected with the show. 

This Serial has come to a point where viewers discuss and debate on their favorite cases and also repeat their famous dialogues from the show. No doubt that the serial has been there for over a decade, but the Creative team is surely taking it to the next level in terms of content. Every season C.I.D has proved that it’s here to stay for a longer duration and it’s not over till it’s over.  Also one must give credit to the audience who have been following the show and making these characters so popular.

So Are you a true C.I.D fan? If yes do let us know about your favorite characters on the show. You might soon join the C.I.D fan club. Don’t forget to share your views. You can follow us on Twitter – @idubba and also visit our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/idubba.page

Happy Viewing 🙂

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