Saubhagyavati Bhava – A new show portraying domestic violence in Indian Marriages

As the name suggests “Am I really blessed to be married”, the show is portrayal of a woman who is a victim of domestic violence. Dil Se Di Dua..Saubhagyavathi Bhava is about struggle of a female Jahnvi (Sriti Jha) who gets married to Viraj (Karanvir Bohra) in a typical set up where a guy from rich family falls for a simple girl from middle class family. Jahnvi and her family are happy with everything. Jahnvi is all excited about her marriage like any other girl and dreams of a nice life with a loving and caring husband. Her dreams and hopes of a well settled life comes to a halt when she finds out  that her husband Viraj who is suave and charming for the outside world but a completely different person at home. He is extremely short tempered and is a complete fanatic. He is an awfully possessive, over-dominating, highly insecure and an irrational person because of his abusive childhood.

After reading this you might remember that Viraj’s character is very similar to Nana Patekar’s role in the movie ‘Agni Sakshi’ where he played an over possessive and abusive husband because of a deprived childhood. However the plot seems to be a little different right now as we don’t see another man in the picture yet.

Getting back to the story, Jahnvi who has recently started her married life is confused because sometimes Viraj is exceptionally loving and caring and the very next moment something happens that makes him abusive. He is psycho to a level that he has installed cameras at his home and keeps a watch over his wife from office. He is very particular about cleanliness and immensely organized. He makes her suffer and punishes her if she doesn’t do any work properly or leave it in between. When she mentions about getting servants so that she can get some help in the work, he gets angry and slaps her. He says that he doesn’t want any person to interfere in their life and ruin the privacy of their relationship. Jahnvi is definitely taken aback as she is facing this situation which is any girl’s worst fears. Viraj is a perfect husband in everyone’s eye but it is only Jahnvi who knows and deals with the manipulative and irrational side of him.

The show is very different in comparison to all other prime time shows. It is trying to bring awareness about domestic violence which is a big issue in our country already. So now the question is will the show survive or will it be given typical treatment that’s given to soaps in Indian Television? Will Jahnvi be able to bear Viraj’s violence or will she find a way out of her pain?

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