MasterChef USA vs MasterChef India

Are you hungry? Wait till you read this post.
Well… this post is not about comparing the two great shows on television, but an attempt to highlight the best parts of these two shows. For readers who are new to this show…let me give you a brief background about MasterChef ..
Reality show..the moment we hear these two words we think of a Dance or a singing talent hunt..But here it is; a show with difference..A cooking show!! This show started in UK and with the popularity of it expanded to many other versions across globe. This show gives opportunity to amateur chefs or food lovers as I may call them a unique platform to test their cooking skills.
Not only does a passionate food lover get an excellent platform to present their creativity this show also gives an opportunity to fame.
How this show does looks like?? Yes like any other reality show this show also have Judges to decide on the good talent around..These judges test the participants skill by making them face tuff challenges like Pressure test, Team challenge and “The Mystery Box” Challenge -one of my favorite challenges where participants have to cook a dish of their choice with the selected (difficult ) ingredients that they are given. There are times when the contestants have not even heard name of the ingredients they got to use..And the judges only taste the top three dishes from this challenge. The Winners of this challenge are safe from elimination and the remaining contestants then have to enter the Pressure Test where the participants are expected to prepare a dish in a particular time frame.
Eventually the top dishes from this challenge are then chosen to be the Team Leader for the Team Challenge. And then the fun begins. Loads of action in and out of the kitchen and they also have to please the customers with their dishes. The customer ranges from kids to top celebrities and top Chefs too. It’s not an easy job, demands lots of concentration, creativity and skill.
So, lets get back to the topic….. What makes these two shows (MasterChef USA & MasterChef India)special and unique from each other !! Well the answer is Judges and Emotions…… You might ask Emotions!!??!! Well, here is the answer.
– MasterChef USA has the most celebrated cook and host, Mr Gordon Ramsay. You might remember him from his most famous show –  Hell’s Kitchen (Gordon has 13 Michelin stars) . He is accompanied by Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot
– MasterChef India has  Vikas Khanna , an award winning Michelin Starred Indian chef and Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Kunal Kapoor .In the previous season,Akshay Kumar had hosted this show.
Well this might be the most important aspect of both the shows and a major differentiator too! MasterChef USA is a hardcore contest, very strict in terms of the level of perfection and high expectations from the 3 elite judges. There have been dishes which have not even been tasted and been thrown away in the garbage by the judges. Where as in MasterChef India,you might find similar level of competition except the fact that judges in this version of the show are little more lenient in terms of at least tasting the food cooked by the contestants (and not just throw them away). Somehow the Indian version does not contain any extreme steps like discarding the food as this might not appeal well to the Indian audience.
Talking about the emotional quotient, the India version does give importance to the emotions of the fellow contestants, but again some might argue that a competition is a competition, and it should be purely judged on the basis of performance must not give in much for the emotional angel of the fellow participants.
So what is your view about these two shows, let us know which is your favorite show out of this two and who are your Favorite contestants?  Did any of you try preparing those mouth smacking dishes??! Send in some to us 🙂 . Just Kidding. Keep pouring your views on your favorite shows.

2 thoughts on “MasterChef USA vs MasterChef India

  1. Good article ramblingrecruiter & iDubba. I dont watch any cookery program but the curiosity made me turn on my idiot box on Sunday (25th Dec) for Master Chef India. I guess it was a competition for semi final berth. Good & very catchy stuff to follow. Good going …all the best.

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