iDubba gets a coverage on The Hindu (National edition)


Happy to share that iDubba was covered on “The Hindu” on this Monday’s national edition. Here is a glimpse of the article:

iDubba ( came about when its creator Rabi Gupta and Ashish realised that everyone watches television differently.

“It’s not just about the fight over the remote control,” he explains. “Even the time factor is important. Different people watch television at different times. Now with lives being lived out on social networks, we wanted to experiment with the power of suggestion to see how we can watch television more effectively.”

That is exactly what iDubba does. Free for registered users, it asks the first-time users to ‘like’ a series of suggestions to ascertain taste and then suggests the shows you might want to watch. Some recommendations are also made on the basis of the most popular shows watched. Recommendations for specific genres make sure that viewers get shows recommended to taste and don’t have to waste time searching for something to watch.


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