“Love2HateU” fails to impress!

The show “Love2HateU” premiered on Sunday brought to you by Star World. The show has a different concept than other reality shows currently being aired on various channels. Each episode of Love 2 Hate U will feature a film celebrity and a person who hates them. The celebrity then gets the opportunity to convert the hater into a fan. It is a reality check for both of them – a chance to understand each other as humans. The haters have been picked from various networking sites.

The show’s debut episode kick started with director Madhur Bhandarkar as the guest. The first part of the show had Arjun Rampal (who is also the host) as the “hated” celebrity.  Arjun confronted his hater Farhan by first intimidating him, which was indeed scary. Arjun annoyed him by taking potshots at his sense of humour. But after a long discussion and finally by buying him a drink, Rampal played along well and ended up converting the hater into almost a gushing fan.

Bhandarkar, on the other hand, tried to persuade his hater but didn’t get anywhere. The girl who hated him had very critical views about Bhandarkar’s formula of filmmaking. Initially when he confronted her she agreed that a few of his earlier films were good. However she insisted, since he discovered his formula of ‘realistic’ film making it has been a fixed and only formula of his films. Bhandarkar tried to convince her otherwise by giving her some insight into the struggle he has goes through for every film, but the hater couldn’t care less.

The show’s main problem is that by first look it seems that it’s staged and scripted. The show wasn’t too dramatic but less realistic as you cannot go about ranting on someone’s face (even if the person is a celebrity) that how much you hate them. The whole concept of the show falls flat simply because first they bully the critic and then allow the celebrity to hijack the discussion.

Also the most predictable part was that the show ended like a fairy tale – A Happy ending with everyone smiling, from hater to the one who was being hated a few moments ago. I could hardly give attention to the show after initial 15 minutes and afterwards it was just an assignment that I had to complete for this review. Fatally it is evident that the show is trying to prove a point that we should stop making fun of sincere and hard working celebrities.

The show is extremely boring with Arjun Rampal trying to play “Mr. Cool” part all the way but more or less successful to make a mark as a decent host.

Simple review of the show in my terms: I “LOVE 2 HATE” THIS SHOW!! 😉

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