The last episodes that I saw on “The Dewarists”, amazing new series of Star World, titled “Kya Khayaal hai” and “Maaya” got me goose bumps full of soulful emotions.

The beautiful show says “It is a journey that takes us into the lives of musicians from different walks of life and brings them together to create music. These musicians are Dewarists. They have immense passion for what they do. They inspire others to follow their dreams and this is why their stories deserve to be heard.”

Every episode has a theme and features a different place every time with inspiring musicians who are led by passion, they come together to create a song. The theme is the title of the song that is created and performed by the end of episode. The show is shot as a documentary showing some amazing locales of the place.

It starts with host Monika Dogra, a contemporary artist, who talks about the musicians/bands who will collaborate in the episode to create the soulful music. These great musicians start by telling their stories how they started and finally achieved what they wanted by following their passion and how they made their dreams come true.

On the first day they get together and work on the idea. Sometimes the collaboration is between those who might have heard of each other but never met before or sometimes with friends who never thought of getting together. The next day onwards they start working on the idea and song in the studio. The whole preparation of the final song is done in a period of 3-4 days. They connect, discuss, give ideas, write lyrics, complete the song and most importantly make MUSIC.

You feel after watching this show that sometimes all you need is that one perfect note on which a song goes from great to classic. They show experience, tradition, talent and a shared love for the magnus of music. It is incredible to discover who the musicians are behind the music and it feels so nice when they happen to be incredible people as well. These magicians inspire you that if you are passionate about something then you don’t take it as a risk. I personally think the two artists/bands/musicians that collaborate on the show, they don’t just collaborate, they create this fusion of ultimate music called “Life”.

Whether its bollywood, contemporary, or Indian classic, they have covered it all. So far some great musicians/bands like Vishal-Shekhar, Imogean Heap, Indian Ocean, Mohit Chauhan, Zeb and Haniya, Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire have featured on the show.

The Dewarists takes you to another world. Experience yourself when you tune in to the show next time!

3 thoughts on “THE DEWARISTS

  1. For everyone who loved “The Dewarists” & thought it to b an original series. There is a case @ Court no 21, suit no 2905/2011 before justice manmohan singh.Title of the case Manish kr(MB SOUL) n Open Mind vs Star India pvt ltd, Babble fish prodn n Bacardi india for violation of copyright. It is said that d script of tv series “The Dewarists” telecast on star world on sundays at 8pm is d copy of “Spirit of Music” of Open Mind.

    • Isn’t it the music that is more important..? Do we care what is original and copyrighted? What matters is what it makes us feel…! Music is free and it reached the masses with Dewarists… Isn’t it the music that is more important?

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