When Swami Agnivesh entered Bigg Boss

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss (Season 5), Swami Agnivesh, 72 year old social activist entered as a guest to stay with rest of house inmates. He claimed that he decided to take this challenge to aware people about the corruption and sensitizing the women on the pathetic condition of girl child in society.

Pooja Bedi was instructed by “Bigg Boss” to introduce him to everyone and also to take care of him as he was a guest in the house. House mates seemed less excited with his entry as they expected to him to be a guest but not as another house mate.

Swami Agnivesh told Shraddha Sharma that he is working for the upliftment of India and its people. When asked about his marriage he told that he decided not to get married at the age of 28 as he wanted to bring a revolution and work for his country selflessly.

Most of the house mates were seen among themselves discussing rather bitching about him or others. But I was amazed when Pooja Bedi asked Swami that what is happening with Anna Hazare and his team which seemed deliberate. I wonder why it happened knowing the fact that he was thrown out from Anna Hazare’s team.

The good part rather I should say the dull part was there were no fights or arguments after his arrival. His presence definitely gave the house a peaceful atmosphere. He also made them recite chant before having dinner but I have my doubts that how long this peace will remain intact.

Will Pooja Misrra be able to digest attention being given to Swami or will she do something stupid again to get the “footage”? 😉


1 thought on “When Swami Agnivesh entered Bigg Boss

  1. Guruji, Annaji,everybody.. We all love you Please don’t loose your interest basuece of this bloody politician comment and their behivour . We are with you, i am in the outside of county, i always feel and saying myself, when will be my country like this? First we have to remove The Corruption I know if Ravishankar Guruji and Annaji together.. definitely there is a Success .. based on my experience with Guruji Jai Annaji and Guruji and others.. Onde mataram Jahind .

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