Man vs. Wild might be staged but it’s brilliantly awesome!

The new season of this amazingly wild series “Man vs. Wild” premiered a week back with the host Bear Grylls in his usual but much more fascinating “Survivor” mode. The show has been described as the most entertaining and educational one, as it depicts some really basic but great survival tips in any situation that you can or cannot imagine. This intriguing series tells you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth and make it for a week of challenges in the sort of places you wouldn’t last a day without the right survival skills.

I find the series too addictive however would like parents to know that this enthralling adventure show depicts a trained survival expert escaping from dangerous natural locations. The host, Bear Grylls, is seen attempting dangerous acts while describing the reasons for his choices, as well as the proper technique for achieving success. He is never reckless, though at times he takes risks to demonstrate some particularly interesting acts. You might find Grylls naked occasionally, but his genitals are always blurred and the nudity is never sexual.

This show is the ultimate place where you can train yourself to survive in life threatening situations. I admit I would have a hard time eating what Grylls eats on the show and also wonder if he ever got sick, but then I think this is the reason he has a crew with him.

One more reason that I love this show is that Bear Grylls is a very charismatic person and he puts you into a totally new dimension. He is dynamic and has great energy that reflects on camera.

The show has received a little negative opinion lately basis the fact the situations shown are not so natural and they are made up/fake mostly. However the reviews have not been able to kill the dynamism and interest in the show.

Do you like the show despite the fact that it’s staged?

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