Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser for Episode 3

The third episode of Curiosity features the most dreaded question “How will the World end?” Watch Samuel L. Jackson host Curiosity: How will the world end, today at 8pm on Discovery Channel.

Samuel looks at the warning that was given 13 centuries ago by Mayan priests; the world will end in Apocalypse. In this hour long journey he will explore the five most probable ways life as we know it on Earth could end. These Mayan priests calculated time on a grand scale which is beyond belief to other ancient cultures. But after 5,125 years of counting their calendar stops date on a very precise date, December 21st, 2012l. He says surely this is “just a story”.

Remarkably those ancient Mayan legends mirrored the 21st century thinking. The Mayans predicted it and modern day science proves it’s possible. Scientists are constantly alert for new evidence of potential disaster. What the scientists are looking out for are the five events most likely to devastate our world: an asteroid impact, a mega quick, a mega tsunami, super storm or a super volcano.

Figuring out which disaster is coming next can answer the toughest question of all: How will the World end? How prepared will you be when doomsday strikes? Are you ready to believe in this looming disaster? This incredible episode will leave you asking that is the world really going to end in 2012? Will it be a super volcano or a mega tsunami that will take the “Life” from Earth?

Tune into this one to get answer to your questions or rather I will say get your brain flooded with endless questions once you watch it!

As the tagline says – Nothing survives here long; not even us.

The episode airs tonight at 8. You can also give your own review by clicking here.

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