iDubba presents “Daily Show/Movie dose”

Interested in discovering “ONE” good show and movie of your choice everyday?

We present to you “Daily show/movie dose” which you can get after logging in everyday.


Every day we’ll give you fresh recommendations to digest. Important for you is to Select out of 3 options-

  1. Looks interesting- If you like the recommendation and want to watch the program.
  2. Ok! Let’s see- If you don’t know about recommendation but want to check the program first.
  3. Are you nuts? If you think the recommendation definitely isn’t for you.
While clicking submit you could also share the information on your Facebook/Twitter walls. Default text is chosen based on your selection which can easily be edited.
After you click on submit for show’s recommendation you’ll get daily Movie recommendation. When you click on submit the feature goes off leaving you to “updates page” where you can check for your daily recommendations as shown-

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