Curiosity- Reviewing episode 1&2

The first episode of this amazing series that  started last  week had Stephen Hawking as the celebrity guest who gave his views explicitly on whether God created Universe or not.

As per Hawkins Big Bang happened out of a black hole to create the Universe. And Time can’t exist inside a Black hole. Hence before big bang there was no time and hence No creator of Universe can exist. Big bang itself is the creator on Universe and Time!

The second episode that aired yesterday night had Morgan Freeman hosting the show and giving breathtaking opinion on theories of some great quantum mechanics physicts and cosmologists.

This episode of Curiosity investigated the possibility of existence of more than one version of reality. On the edge of space, buried in a black hole, or right on top of you, there could be an exact copy of yourself living a parallel reality. In those parallel worlds, you may be living your wildest dreams, or your worst nightmares.

This episode answered the questions like “Is there more than one of you or more than one of me?” and “Does another version of you look identical?”

We could all be living multiple parallel lives because as scientists explore the outer reaches of physics n cosmos they are beginning to believe that parallel universes do exist and that they might determine the fate of humanity.

The show takes you to an imaginable world and tells you to that it might take a staggering number of light years a man will have to travel to meet his cosmic clone.

But the big question is: why do we care if another version of you and me exists. We are never going to meet them face to face. But these alter egos are important because they are the key to answering the biggest questions of existence – How was the universe born and how will it end?

You have to tune in to the show and find out yourself!!

Watch out for repeat telecast: 26 oct, 04:00pm

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