Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser

Prelude for Curiosity on Discovery: Starting from 17th October

Can you live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Did God create the universe? What lies beneath Egypt? Do you know all about orgasms? Is there a parallel Universe? Why sex is fun? Is death optional? What lessons can we learn from Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.’s success? Do all these questions make you curious or what are the big questions that keep you up at night? Welcome to Curiosity. This television series guarantees to be one of its kinds, with an escapade of discovery and an expedition to unravel the truths behind life’s most simple yet challenging questions.

This hour long journey will take you through a thrilling collection of confrontational and puzzling topics with an unappeasable craving for answers and questions. Celebrity guests and hosts will join in every episode on this ride for truth, the answers that will astonish even the most curious among us.

“Did God create the Universe?” is the premiere episode of the new series “Curiosity” which will air on Discovery Channel from 17th October every Monday at 8PM (India). The pilot episode will have theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking who segregate critics about this question along religious and scientific lines. Hawking clearly acknowledges the controversy about the rift between two opinions however he gives his strong opinion that “Why he is certain God did not create the Universe”.

So are we wondering that what is Curiosity? What really makes us Curious? Each episode of the show will center around one single question pertaining to countless topics like science, technology, Earth Science, education, computers, arts & architecture, environment, medicine & health, psychology and many more. So tune into this one, every Monday 8 pm on Discovery Channel if you want to know the answers to the most insightful questions.

Don’t forget to Tune in!

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