What it takes to be Bigg Boss house inmate?

Colors launched its most awaited reality show of the year, Bigg Boss (Season 5) with the punchline as “Double Vaat” (sounds more like Roadies punchline). This season promises to be 5 times more exciting as they have roped in Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan as hosts with 13 female and only 1 male contestant as house inmates (only time will tell). BigBoss with its famous controversies since last 4 seasons has not left any stone unturned this time as well to make it equally hyped.

The chemsitry of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan guarantees “Double Dhamaal”. The first premiere has definitely managed to get good TRPs with the introduction of Shakti Kapoor as the only male contestant with other 13 female inmates which have names such as Pooja Bedi, Nihita Biswas (Wife of serial killer Charles Sobhraj), TV anchor Mandeep Bevli, 6-months pregnant wrestler Sonika Malik, Gulabo Sapera, Laxmi Narayan. Twitter’s top two trending keywords were #biggboss and #BB5 for two straight days.

So what do you expect with 13 beauties and 1 beast trapped in one house…more Drama and more controversies and arguably more TRPs for the channel. Just recently read on twitter @India Today that Nihita’s mother has lashed out at Mandeep as the latter ignited the conversation by asking “Did you have sex with Sobhraj?” to which Nihita was dumbfounded and tried to escape it but the next question was why did she marry him then. The first episode was 12 hours old when I read it.So one can think about the gravity of sensationalism the complete season will bring with it.

According to an insider, Sonika Kaliraman, the woman wrestler who is 6 months pregnant is going to be in the show for only 1 week! Is that true or just another cheap gimmick to gain popularity? We will have to wait for this one to check.

Yes right, we heard a lot bigger names like Jonty Rhodes, Mike Tyson, Shakira but seems will have to settle with overwhelming presence of girl power inside this mad house this time. Moreover, this also proves that much of money was already spent on Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan and producers might not have left with much steam to bring in these heavy weight contestants. Channel later on defended itself by saying that they never claimed these names.

Remain hooked to this space for more updates about the gossip, catfights, back-biting sessions, horrid fights and flirtatious encounters (if Shakti Kapoor manages one) happening inside BiggBoss’s house.

So finally “What it takes to be Bigg Boss house inmate?” – Our answer to the question is:

  • One needs to be out of work self proclaimed celebrity.
  • Or, married to a serial killer who is undergoing trial. Or a thief itself (remember Bunty who was disqualified in the first episode itself)
  • Nobody knows your name but you have been working for upliftment of women in India.
  • Or, if you can bitch endlessly or create a lot of drama leading to controversies.
Do you know some other qualities too?

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