Bigg Boss 5 review (first day)- by iDubba reviewer, Kunjal

Big Boss“………..

The moment we here these 2 words, there is a sense of excitement and eagerness to know the contestants, their plans to win and Drama. Big Boss was launched in 2006 and currently the 5 season has just started. There was a time when i use to watch it with Family. (Season 1 and 2). You might ask what about Season 3 and 4… Well, no hard feelings to my fellow friends and lakhs of audiences around the world, who do like the show; I too am a huge fan of Reality Shows, but off lately the content has gone to extreme levels.

Earlier to win Big Boss, contestants would try to be smart and quietly play the game with strategy, but now its more to do with loads of Noice and Cheap Tricks. (People say everything is fair in love and war). Well this is not War, not its Love. Its a Reality show.

There was a time when people were exited to know what will Rahul Roy (Season 1 Winner) play, how will be plan his next move. And now people are exited to hear Dolly Bindra open her mouth and beep beep beep…. Times have changed, but not to this extent. I also agree that a lot of younger audiences are making it a huge hit, but I’m sure over the period of time they too might find it unacceptable. Also, I am very well aware that some of the critics might say that if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, sure that is a nice way to put it, but the only point of difference is the content.

No Doubt this show is a big hit and have broken all TRP’s and is on a journey of yet another successful season, but somehow its lost its charm.I am aware that you might say that its a show for matured audience, i too agree with that. But not sure if its right to say that this show is a mature show any more. BigBoss is a great concept and is a big HIT, but hope then soon do get the charm back as the initial Seasons.

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