Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser for Episode 3

The third episode of Curiosity features the most dreaded question “How will the World end?” Watch Samuel L. Jackson host Curiosity: How will the world end, today at 8pm on Discovery Channel.

Samuel looks at the warning that was given 13 centuries ago by Mayan priests; the world will end in Apocalypse. In this hour long journey he will explore the five most probable ways life as we know it on Earth could end. These Mayan priests calculated time on a grand scale which is beyond belief to other ancient cultures. But after 5,125 years of counting their calendar stops date on a very precise date, December 21st, 2012l. He says surely this is “just a story”.

Remarkably those ancient Mayan legends mirrored the 21st century thinking. The Mayans predicted it and modern day science proves it’s possible. Scientists are constantly alert for new evidence of potential disaster. What the scientists are looking out for are the five events most likely to devastate our world: an asteroid impact, a mega quick, a mega tsunami, super storm or a super volcano.

Figuring out which disaster is coming next can answer the toughest question of all: How will the World end? How prepared will you be when doomsday strikes? Are you ready to believe in this looming disaster? This incredible episode will leave you asking that is the world really going to end in 2012? Will it be a super volcano or a mega tsunami that will take the “Life” from Earth?

Tune into this one to get answer to your questions or rather I will say get your brain flooded with endless questions once you watch it!

As the tagline says – Nothing survives here long; not even us.

The episode airs tonight at 8. You can also give your own review by clicking here.

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Sushil Kumar- first Indian to win 5 Crore in KBC “Episode airs 2 Nov”

My heartbeat grew 5 times faster when I read this tweet from Sr Bachchan last night-

Earns a salary of Rs 6500/- walks out in an hour with 5 crore rupees…that is what KBC is all about… ‘aam se khas bana deta hai’. This man has displayed a brilliant play of wit and knowledge. We are still reeling with the effect of maximum win. It was an incredible event.

It is certainly unbelievable and implausible to see such a simple and common man to win an amount that can fulfill his lifetime wishes. Sushil Kumar is celebrating his best-ever Diwali this year as he became the first person to win the full prize money of 5 crore rupees in the game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” . This common man proved that given an opportunity, everyone is capable of reaching the heights.

This episode which was shot yesterday in Mumbai will be aired on Sony TV on 2nd November. Sushil correctly answered the jackpot question asked by Amitabh Bachchan. Sushil Kumar is a 27-year old computer operator and a part time tutor in a village in Champaran district in Bihar.

Sushil and his wife were moved to tears when Sr Bachchan handed over the Rs 5 crore cheque to them. Sushil is registered for minimum wage MNREGA scheme in his village. He doesn’t own a TV at his home currently and used to watch KBC at his neighbour’s place. He recently got married and when asked that what he will do with his prize money, he was excited yet effortless to answer “He plans to buy a new house for his wife, buy himself an impressive library and provide financial help to his brothers.”

This man has set the inspiration for others too who have dreams to make big in their life. He has created history and proved that your determination can bring success in your life.

The entire set of KBC was extremely excited and joyful after Sushil’s win and got everyone in a jubilant mood.

Curiosity- Reviewing episode 1&2

The first episode of this amazing series that  started last  week had Stephen Hawking as the celebrity guest who gave his views explicitly on whether God created Universe or not.

As per Hawkins Big Bang happened out of a black hole to create the Universe. And Time can’t exist inside a Black hole. Hence before big bang there was no time and hence No creator of Universe can exist. Big bang itself is the creator on Universe and Time!

The second episode that aired yesterday night had Morgan Freeman hosting the show and giving breathtaking opinion on theories of some great quantum mechanics physicts and cosmologists.

This episode of Curiosity investigated the possibility of existence of more than one version of reality. On the edge of space, buried in a black hole, or right on top of you, there could be an exact copy of yourself living a parallel reality. In those parallel worlds, you may be living your wildest dreams, or your worst nightmares.

This episode answered the questions like “Is there more than one of you or more than one of me?” and “Does another version of you look identical?”

We could all be living multiple parallel lives because as scientists explore the outer reaches of physics n cosmos they are beginning to believe that parallel universes do exist and that they might determine the fate of humanity.

The show takes you to an imaginable world and tells you to that it might take a staggering number of light years a man will have to travel to meet his cosmic clone.

But the big question is: why do we care if another version of you and me exists. We are never going to meet them face to face. But these alter egos are important because they are the key to answering the biggest questions of existence – How was the universe born and how will it end?

You have to tune in to the show and find out yourself!!

Watch out for repeat telecast: 26 oct, 04:00pm

Kaun Banega Ra.One?

Did you watch “Kaun Banega Crorepati” on Thursday that had Shahrukh Khan as celebrity guest? If the answer is no then you have saved 2 hours of your precious life with the overdose of Ra.One’s promotional marketing (SRK’s much hyped super hero flick).

It was genuinely an overkill of the hype that is generally created before the release of any film. SRK just couldn’t stop promoting the movie at every instance possible. The hilarious part is how even “computer ji” threw questions around the movie and SRK.

Some examples that i could recollect from my memory for you:

– The show apparently kicked off with Senior Bachchan congratulating SRK for his upcoming movie

– Senior Bachchan bragging all over about the movie and its budget, how it is one of the most expensive movies ever made in Indian film industry

– There was a question with answer as Kareena Kapoor (female lead of Ra.One) and that followed by calling her where she asked SRK to sing the famous song “chamak challo” of the same movie

– There was another question that had a line from the movie and answer with the name of a character from movie called “chitti” & Shahrukh was happy to answer and announce that he recently heard it on the sets

– There were 3 different questions which had answers related to India’s first F1 track that SRK recently inaugurated, Nokia for whom he is the brand ambassador and also the movie Asoka he did.

We have our doubts that these questions were a mere coincident or again well scripted promotional episode of Ra.One movie!!

How shows like Bade Ache Lagte Hain and Parichay can revolutionize Indian soap opera?

Since it’s inception TV soaps are known to target only home-makers, but not any more! With soaps like “Bade Acche Laggte Hain” on Sony and “Parichay” on Colors this might change (and it’s already changing) very soon.

Recently these two soaps have grabbed our eyeballs (yes, we do not watch any other soaps on TV :D). This is what we have observed –

These shows have dared and been successful so far in catering the audience of age group 25+ Males in addition to the usual 35+ Females, which is the usual benchmark for any Indian soap opera show.

My only question– Was this intentional? Did Ekta actually gave this a thought (that she can hack the minds of nomads like us)? Or is this because youngsters like us are not getting anything worth to watch?

Well it will take some time to really understand the true reason behind this. So why am I talking about this today?

Well, I might have never touched this genre but was compelled when my 30 year old married brother mentioned it last night that even he watches these 2 shows on TV every night. I was shocked. Why? Coz like us he hates all other soap operas.

Coincidentally both these shows have been produced under Ekta Kapoor’s banner of Balaji Telefilms, who is undoubtedly the queen of Indian soap operas. “Bade Achhe Laggte hain” which was launched a little earlier than “Parichay”, has Saakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor in the main lead. The show has been in lime-light because of the extraordinary storyline where Saakshi who is in her early thirties and Ram who is in his early forties get married for the sake of their families and then the show depicts their struggle to adjust with each other. Also how they both start developing affection for each other. The show entails a hilarious bickering between these two which is the most interesting part to watch as many couples in the same situation will be able to co-relate themselves.

Parichay” was launched in August which has Samir Soni playing the male protagonist as Kunal Chopra, who has lost his interest in life due to his failures and continues to lead an indifferent life. Life takes a major u-turn when he loses his brother in a bomb blast on the day of his wedding and he is forced to marry his deceased brother’s fiancé, Siddhi Kunal Chopra (role played by Keerti Nagpure). The story has been given very typical treatment but the role essayed and portrayed by Samir Soni is what keeps the viewers glued to the show. The show is a major hit and has already beaten some of its competitor shows in the same time slot on other channels.

Both the shows have lead couples with awesome chemistry and that is one of the most compelling reasons for millions of viewers across the country to get hooked to these shows. Either they will create a niche for them and will be one of the few shows that cater to a larger audience. However we also feel that if they continue to be in the same league they will survive otherwise if they introduce the regular drama/ or not required turns then they will also fail with the new created audience just like any other soap opera shows in India.

Are we going to see more of such soaps targeting youth?

Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser

Prelude for Curiosity on Discovery: Starting from 17th October

Can you live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Did God create the universe? What lies beneath Egypt? Do you know all about orgasms? Is there a parallel Universe? Why sex is fun? Is death optional? What lessons can we learn from Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.’s success? Do all these questions make you curious or what are the big questions that keep you up at night? Welcome to Curiosity. This television series guarantees to be one of its kinds, with an escapade of discovery and an expedition to unravel the truths behind life’s most simple yet challenging questions.

This hour long journey will take you through a thrilling collection of confrontational and puzzling topics with an unappeasable craving for answers and questions. Celebrity guests and hosts will join in every episode on this ride for truth, the answers that will astonish even the most curious among us.

“Did God create the Universe?” is the premiere episode of the new series “Curiosity” which will air on Discovery Channel from 17th October every Monday at 8PM (India). The pilot episode will have theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking who segregate critics about this question along religious and scientific lines. Hawking clearly acknowledges the controversy about the rift between two opinions however he gives his strong opinion that “Why he is certain God did not create the Universe”.

So are we wondering that what is Curiosity? What really makes us Curious? Each episode of the show will center around one single question pertaining to countless topics like science, technology, Earth Science, education, computers, arts & architecture, environment, medicine & health, psychology and many more. So tune into this one, every Monday 8 pm on Discovery Channel if you want to know the answers to the most insightful questions.

Don’t forget to Tune in!