How to effectively use iDubba (new version) [Part-1: Groups]

We recently did a major overhaul of our existing product which was based on user feedback and lengthy brainstorming at iDubba’s garage.

New iDubba is profoundly changed (yet not as much as new Facebook), hence we thought of taking our fans behind the scenes to understand all features and be able to use it more effectively.

Today’s post talks about “groups” which is the major upgrade we have done. We found out that people like to talk about specific shows and their taste profiles are very different from each other. Groups enable you to create a community of like-minded TV viewers (friends or people with similar interests).

  1. Social groups of people having similar TV taste: One of the most prominent feature of new iDubba is the ability to bring people having similar TV tastes “together”. Our Facebook app (which you can check out while getting started or from your group’s tab “play Facebook game”) help you find friends having similar TV taste. This enables you to create an exclusive group of like-minded people.

iDubba   Get Started                        iDubba  play FB

Creating a group requires at least 2 people to get added to the group (we just found number 2 funny, no other justification). Remember you don’t send a request or approve any one’s request- Adding to your group simply means following activities and recommendations of that person  (yes, twitter like), hence you can follow anyone and others can follow you back (soon we’ll enable blocking option too in case you don’t want other to follow you).

You can either invite friends to join you and create a group or you can use iDubba’s people suggestion to find people having similar TV taste as of you. There is no harm in following 100 friends as suggestions will only get better.

iDubba group reco

2. Exclusive groups and how to unlock them:

iDubba identifies people doing exclusive activities like- adding too many “comedy” or “cartoon” shows to favourite and automatically adds them to relevant exclusive groups automatically (we can’t name the groups, you have to unlock them). The idea behind this is to empower focussed communities watching a particular type of program which will make program discovery very powerful and interesting.

Here is a sneak peak into my exclusive group “forever young”-

exclusive activity

exclusive recos

As you can see the recommendations are crowd sourced and relevant to the group “forever young” which is an exclusive group for all those who love comedy and cartoon shows.  As more and more people unlock these groups it would become very relevant for all of iDubba users.

3. How to check who is in my group?

Very soon we’ll incorporate “people” tab along with “activities” and “recommendations”. Till then you can go to your profile and check the groups section. To go to your profile click on your name (top right corner) and click Profile. Here is a snapshot-


I hope this first post helps. We will post subsequent parts very soon.

In case of any questions, please contact us:

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