Rajneeti Promotion in Lucknow through Radio Mirchi

Prakash Jha along with Katrina Kaif,Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpai, was in Radio Mirchi studios ( Lucknow) for the promotion of the film.

Jha discarded that Katrina has played a non-glamorous role in the movie.”Katrina has portrayed a beautiful, young glamorous lady in the first half of but in second half, when film takes a twist, she has been taken a non-glamorous avatar,”

Mr Jha said the script took six years to develop.

On the controversy of Kamal Rashid Khan claiming the title of the film belongs to him, Jha said everyone needs popularity and this was mere an act to come into the limelight.
Denying that the character of Katrina Kaif is based on the character of Sonia Gandhi,  Jha  said Katrina has played a strong lady with glamorous role in first half to non-glamorous role in second half and this has nothing to do with any political personality.
Katrina Kaif, answering a question, said she watched several videos of lady politicians.
”Prakash gave me video footages of several lady politicians including Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi and this role has nothing to do with either Sonia or Priyanka,” Katrina said.Katrina also  hired a hindi teacher for this role

”This is not a  documentary or  preachy film,” she added.

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Ajay Devgan, the actor of the film, said characters of the film have the shades of the characters of the great epic ‘Mahabharata’.

Prakash Jha said “Ajay plays Karna, Ranbir Kapoor plays Arjun,Manoj Bajpai plays Duryodhan and  Katrina plays Dropadi

Answering a question, Ajay said that politics has become a dirty game and good people are no more joining it.

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