Bhumi Trivedi didn’t lie to judges in Indian Idol 5

I was just going through the community site of Indian Idol, and i found that a guy called Aditya commented that

“Miss Bhoomi Trivedi told lie in auditions that she had mixed up a Gujarati Rap. Actually that song is from album Karmacy, named Blood brother. Check it out. I strictly hate lairs as an Idol. Don’t vote her for further journey in the same show, if you really want true Indian Idol. Thanks”.

It was then that i did a little bit of research from my side ,of course to validate the details as i have no personal grudges with Bhumi, and i found that the Gujarati Rap song  which she claimed to mix with a  song by Spice Girls was   in fact by  “Karmacy”  named BLOOD BROTHERS ,but she didn’t lie , because she said i mixed up a gujrati rap with spice girl (If u wanna be my lover) and she did it brilliantly.

So Aditya my friend, please go through the videos of Karmacy and the audition ,and think twice before u speak.

25 thoughts on “Bhumi Trivedi didn’t lie to judges in Indian Idol 5

  1. i totally agree with saurav thakur.

    She has excellently mixed the two songs.

    She didint say that gujarati rap is written by her.

    Dear Aditya think twice before u leave any comment about any one.

  2. True, she didn’t technically say she wrote the rap, but she should’ve spoken up after the judge complimented her on being so original and given credit where credit was due! Otherwise she comes across as a phony

  3. Bhoomi’s not lying for sure..but even if she did, what difference would it make when she is being judged by the god of music plagiarism ( read anu malik)???????????

  4. well judges gave the credit for mixing it and for singing in a rap style. it could be possible that some thing wld have been edited during the telecast. any thing could be the reason. so friends stop discussing about it. coz every person have different way of thinking. what level of performance bhoomi is giving, she should be the next ii5.
    and this time she has also proved that she can write her own rap also. so all of u keep voting for bhoomi.

  5. @ankita, @funnywoods, @CRank, @cool, @ramdas,@Sandy @VT and @devang thanx for discussing this issue.
    @devang how come you know that judges gave the credit.
    anyways it doesn’t matter because Bhumi is very talented..

  6. saurav it was just a reply to what ramdas wrote. i told him the other side possibilities.

    bhoomi is the best ofcourse

    • not only India but pakistan is also with u,bhoomi.if we r not getting a chane to vote,no matter our prayers r with u fr of luck.indian idol is all urs.

  7. beta Aaditya ! jalan ho rahi hai kya bhoomi se . apne to kuch banega nahi usse brabari kar raha hai aur upar se vote na dene ke liye keh raha hai

  8. it’s not good thing Aaditya , it looks like you lied brother …… she didn’t say that i made it …. she said she mixed it … and she was true … what’s the rush man ?

  9. hi bhumi i loooooooooooooov uuuuu yaaaar
    n do ur best per f. m waiting for ur…………..u know what k aso all the best and meet me in baroda i will be there 4 u k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    n all the best

  10. Hey Aditya,

    I am thankful to you, atleast because of your negative attitude so many Bhoomi’s freind come togather & honestly share their openion positively.


    Double thanks to Saurav…

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