Want to be the 4th Idiot!!

Everyone of us specially students know about Mr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary, and for those few who don’t,let me tell u,he  has earned the reputation of “Guinness world record holder in memory” by beating Germany’s Michaela Buchvaldova’s world record by recalling 14 randomly selected birth dates with names in same order in 2 minutes on 20 July,2006 at Hotel Le Meridian, Delhi before all prominent print and electronic media. A Production Engineer from Punjab Engineering College , Biswaroop is featured in the Limca Book of Records as the‘National Memory Record holder’ and as the inventor of memory pen known as ‘Mnemonic Pen’ to enhance memory.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury holds World Wide Patent for his inventions – Memory Lab, Mnemonic Pen, Happiness Machine & Animated Cosmic Energy Card (ACEC) and his name is mentioned in Oxford University’s official website for his contribution in the filed of memory training. He has conducted more than 2000 seminars internationally addressing more than 10 lakh audience.  Owing to the controvery over  his new upcoming  animation film The 4th IDIOT, Mr Chowdhary is now in limelight, as he planned the premiere of The 4th IDIOT ,an animation Film, on My 9 2010.

The Movie 4th Idiot continues form the end of the blockbuster movie Three idiots,at the school of Phunsuk Wangdu.It throws some light on the fact  that if Phunsuk Wangdu was the school principal then what will that school be like?.It is the story of a boy, Pappu who, by using the techniques taught by Ranchordas Chanchar in 3 IDIOTS achieved his otherwise seemingly unachievable goals like getting 1st position in school, winning his dream girl and even going to the moon. With two melodious songs and narration by Chatur Ramalingam of 3 IDIOTS (Omi Vaidya), it is not only entertaining but also a journey to our brain to understand its hidden potential. In the process of watching the movie the audience will learn important life skills. Omi Vaidya has not only anchored the movie THE 4TH IDIOT but also sung a song.It seems that the actor Om Vaidya is also not spared .He has  found himself in the middle of a controversy. Vaidya, who shot to fame owing to his stint as Chatur in filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s 3 Idiots, has now lent his voice to the  film the  4th  Idiots, which has come under fire by Vidhu Vinod  Chopra for copyright infringement.

Chopra had sent a  legal notice to Chowdhury, accusing him of making a film with an uncanny resemblance to 3 Idiots. The notice asks Chowdhury to immediately cease or desist any sort of advertisement, promotion or publicising of the film.Chopra later also obtained a stay order to stall the premier of the film in Lucknow

Vaidya, meanwhile, says, “Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raju Hirani (3 Idiots director) are the two people I owe my career and my popularity to. I’d never want to do anything that could cause either of them a moment’s distress.”

He adds that he had no clue he was signing up for a film titled 4 Idiots, “I was approached for an educational animated film to help students. The aim was to reduce student suicides. All I’ve done is lent my voice to a character called Pappu. There was no title when I lent my voice about two months ago. This is a non commercial venture… I guess my voice is distinctive and probably would add some entertainment to the learning.”

Chowdhury, on his part, says, “I guess Mr Chopra has little less understanding about the copyright law, which is evident by the controversy that revolved around his film. And now he is doing the same with my film by sending such a notice. I have not done anything wrong and all the legalities related to our film are in place. I shall send Mr Chopra a reply by Monday morning. Films always derive inspiration from something, and ours is inspired from 3 Idiots. But it’s certainly not copied.”

Hope this is not again a publicity stunt, which has become a part of marketing these days, anyway how does it matter, if the film has something to give to their audiences.Hope this film helps students to cope withe pressure  related to studies.(Saurav Thakur)

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