Mahesh Bhatt convinced a Delhi boy to play the role of a Martyr

Mahesh Bhatt convinced a Delhi boy Imran Zahid to play a role  in a new film called ‘Chandu’.Mahesh Bhatt will be the creative consultant to the film which is produced by Irfan Izhar,the film in question is based on Chandrashekhar Prasad , who was a student leader from JNU

Chandrashekhar Prasad was a true hero who believed in parliamentary democracy and paid heavy price for it.Unfortunately on March 31st,1997,along with another activist Shyam Narayan Yadav were shot dead while addressing street corner meetings in district town of Siwan to support  a strike called by the party CPI ML.

CPI ML alleges that Chandrashekhar was killed by the goons of Mohammad Shahabuddin the then Mp of Siwan District.

Born in Siwan, he was the only child .His widowed mother worked hard for his education.He had left Siwan as a bright student .From Sainik school in Tilaya to the National Defence Academy of Pune and the University of Patna  to the campus of JNU ,Chandrashekhar had a promising academic future

However ,Chandrashekhar couldn’t separate his politics from academic life,and from early in his student life he was involved in student activism.In the mid 8O’s,he became vice president of Bihar unit of All India Students Federation, the youth’s organisation of CPI.But soon he became very disillusioned with the reformist and parliamentary politics of CPI and wanted to be involved in a revolutionary organisation.So he joined CPI ML.He played a very important role in the building of All India Students Association  in JNU .

After JNU, he opted to return to his home town Siwan as full time party activist .The then ruling party in Bihar  Janata Dal(Now Rashtriya Janata Dal) ,had been waging a campaign against leading activists of CPI ML.More than 70 people , including leader of the district committee  had been killed between 1990-1996.

Since the death of this pretermitted hero,there has been a sudden uprising ,with protests of thousands of students in Delhi as well as in Bihar.The students in protests were illegally fired upon by Sadhu Yadav,brother-in-law of the then Chief Minister of Bihar.

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