Will Iron Baby outdo Iron Man ?

After the teetering jumble that was Iron Man 2, this fan-made “Iron Baby” trailer has tottered its way into my heart. I’d rather watch two hours of Iron Baby than another attempt to recapture the first movie’s moxie. (Sorry, Mark!)

Emraan Hashmi had a miraculous escape!

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi met with an accident during the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Crook’ on the Melbourne freeway but he luckily escaped without injuries.

Mahesh  Bhatt’s film ‘Crook: It’s Good to Be Bad’ is again in news .Crook: It’s Good To Be Bad is on racial attacks on Indian students in Australia, will star four Australian actors; one of them would be a girl that the Indian hero (Emraan Hashmi) will fall in love with, in Australia.

But today Mahesh Bhatt tweets  that “Shooting on a Melbourne freeway Emran has a miraculous escape!”.He tweets again that”Since Emran was driving at great speed he couldn’t afford to swerve”.Mahesh Conluded by tweeting that “Emran was driving at the speed of 60 km. His car went 2 ft off the ground after hiting the camera. Luckily the car didn’t go off the road.”

Mahesh Bhatt also shared the pic to his followers in twitter

May be this camera saved Emran’s life…RIP  Arriflex

Top 7 FIFA World Cup 2010 Videos To look Out For

The countdown is on to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and sports enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up.  YouTube has been one of the hubs  of FIFA World Cup anticipation, with excitement building over the last couple of months as inspiring World Cup clips have been uploaded, one after the other.  Here are some  of the best World Cup 2010 clips, perfect for getting you pumped up for a summer of world class football.

Nike Write The Future

Nike’s ‘Write The Future’ campaign is the leader of World Cup 2010 clips.  With more than 7.6 million views on YouTube, this epic clip brings together the world’s best players and inspires sports fans to leave their woes behind.

Pepsi Commercial 2010

This is one of the brilliant World cup commercials ever.Pepsi released this clip, though they are not an official sponsor of this year’s FIFA event.  The commercial features football stars Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Lionel Messi, Ricardo Kaka and Andrei Arshavin playing against local African kids in a less than ordinary football match.

Coca Cola History of Celebration

This one is  inspiring and it  takes us back twenty years ago, to Cameroonian football player Roger Milla’s first celebratory dance after a goal.  Milla’s dance changed goal celebrations forever, with fans and players letting go—celebrating success with dance.  You can’t help but smile when watching this great clip.

Fifa World Cup 2010 The Magic Time

The Magic Time compiles all the best FIFA World Cup clips from throughout history, set to the official 2010 World Cup theme song, Waving Flag by K’Naan.

2010 FIFA World Cup: United

This clip is about how FIFA unites the world.  For one month every four years we are able to put aside politics, religion, the economy, history, trade, oil and all our other problems and unite over our global love of football.

World Cup 2010 Tourism

South Africans erupt excited , ready to host the 2010 World Cup in this promotional advertisement for World Cup tourism in South Africa.  The sheer excitement of the people in the video will make you  want to hop on a plane to experience the rhythm and enthusiasm.  This is the first time an African country has had the opportunity to host a sporting event as prestigious as the World Cup.

Sony World Cup 2010 Commercial

This is not as humorous as others, but it makes the cut for humor.  The clip stars former football greats Kenny Dalglish, Graham Taylor, Stuart Pearce, and Terry Venables, now living in a retirement home and getting ready to watch the World Cup on a brand new Sony Tv


In Conversation with tomorrows Indian Idol

Shashi Suman with his friend Gaurav

Saurav : How do you  feel having given the platform like Indian Idol to prove youself?

Shashi:  Thats God’s  grace that he chose me to give me such a  talent through which i can make people happy. And on earth Indian Idol is like a God who gave me the chance to prove me and my hard work.

Saurav:Who do you sometimes feel that you are copying?

Shashi: Everyone has his or her own speciality and i never try to copy anybody,but i want to make my place in such a way that new singers and people should follow me.

Saurav: What is your Ultimate dream?

Shashi: I am not a God,i am just an ordinary person  who has a dream like anybody else.I want to prove myself since i left my home at the age of 13 to pursue music and started to earn just to learn music ,when other guys were playing and enjoying their teenage.I also want to prove my friends ,family,guruji and God too ,that i am fulfilling my responsibility as a singer,a work which was allotted to me.

Saurav: What is the best thing that you like about Indian Idol?

Shashi: The very thing that it gives a chance to new talents in India ,to exhibit their skills not only in India but other countries too.People should see that there are other people in store too,who are ready to work hard or are equally prepared to entertain people.Such is the platform that Indian Idol provides.

Saurav: If by any chance, you don’t make it big in Indian Idol,what other options as a career do you think that you have?

Shashi: If i wouldn’t be the Indian Idol,even then my practice and hard work remains with me.Hard work never goes in vain.Unfortunately if it ever happens,then i would even work harder.

Saurav: Who is your favourite singer?

Shahsi: I love classical, thumre.I love my ‘Guruji’ Ustad Gulshan Ji a lot.I am a die hard fan  of Nusrat ji,Kishore ji,Rafi Sahab,Sonu Nigam they all are milestones.

Saurav: Do you fear any contestant in Indian Idol?

Shashi: Frankly speaking ,if its anybody that i fear, it should be me.

Saurav: Are you happy with the way you are performing in this journey(Indian Idol)?

Shashi:Not exactly, i am happy that i can sing much better.Lets see what does the future hold for me?

Saurav: What is your greatest fear with respect to singing?

Shashi: I just fear that while singing i may sound unmelodious which can hurt my guruji as well as my hard work.

Saurav: There have been so many similar competitions around, don’t you think it hampers the overall quality of such competitions?.

Shashi: No i don’t think so, there are ‘n’ numbers of flowers in the market, but each of them have their own aroma.Same holds true for each of these competitions.

Saurav: By Indian Idol..what is the first thought that comes in your mind?

Shashi: Second word, its  the second word that  comes in my mind.I want to beacome an Idol.

Saurav: Earlier winners of such contests arent seen much in Indian Bollywood/Pop.What do you think is the problem?

Shashi:I think that there is no problem .They all are doing well in life.Moreover it depends on one’s destiny dear.Let see what happens, maybe i’ll bust this myth .

Saurav :You left your home when you were a teen.Had been to Banaras , Lucknow and MadhyaPradesh.So who was your friend cum family during this journey?

Shashi: Gaurav Naithani is my friend cum family to me.I knew him since i was in Lucknow.But then i moved to Mumbai as i got selected for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa(2009).Fortunately Gaurav  came to Mumbai too, to pursue his sound engineering.We live as roommates.We shared lots of happy and sad moments together.

Saurav: What do you want to say to your fans ?

Shashi: I just want to say thanks, and lots of love to them.Hey people do support and vote for me, for you are the one who can transform “Aam Aadmi to Khaas  Aadmi”.

Kites would go in profit(irrespective of its reviews)

Film: Kites
Rating: 2/5

Banner: Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt Ltd
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Kangna Ranaut, Barbara Mori, Kabir Bedi, Nick Brown, Yuri Suri
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Director: Anurag Basu
Producers: Rakesh Roshan, Sunaina Roshan
Release Date: May 21, 2010

Some movies you go with expectation and get disappointed and some surprise you out of the blue. This is neither of them. It disappointed me even though I had very low expectations. All the hype about celebrities showing off at the premiere was even more nauseating given the output. At best it can be described as a cheap medley of bollywood romance, pointless car chases and stale humor.

A good movie is not about big budget or having stars on board or overt display of emotions to entice the audience. Its about story telling, novelty, about subtly brining out the nuances of human sensibilities and above all expressing director’s/writer’s heart. The actors should be a device for the plot and not the other way round. Kites lacks on all counts besides its overly long and becomes even painful by the end of it.

All the hype was just created to get the returns, for people will be curious to see it .

The movie seems to be an advertisement or a demo reel for Mr. Roshan for his entry into Hollywood. He has it all – looks, dancing and presence. The one thing he lacks is the ability to act. There is no chemistry between him and the lead actress, played by Barbara Mori.

I sincerely hope kites won’t set a new trend.

But , guess what? ,i have a gut feeling that kites would do well in terms of money,owing to its hype.It seems that film makers are more concerned about its promotion rather than its content.

Hrithik on twitter tweets today @iHrithik Overwehlmed !!!!! Thank you guys!!! Big big hug to alllll of you!!!! What a beautiful day !!! Love u all !!!

Remember ,same happened  with “Housefull”, it was a hit in Box-office beacuse it made whopping 60,99,00,000 (Total net gross)

Rajneeti Promotion in Lucknow through Radio Mirchi

Prakash Jha along with Katrina Kaif,Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpai, was in Radio Mirchi studios ( Lucknow) for the promotion of the film.

Jha discarded that Katrina has played a non-glamorous role in the movie.”Katrina has portrayed a beautiful, young glamorous lady in the first half of but in second half, when film takes a twist, she has been taken a non-glamorous avatar,”

Mr Jha said the script took six years to develop.

On the controversy of Kamal Rashid Khan claiming the title of the film belongs to him, Jha said everyone needs popularity and this was mere an act to come into the limelight.
Denying that the character of Katrina Kaif is based on the character of Sonia Gandhi,  Jha  said Katrina has played a strong lady with glamorous role in first half to non-glamorous role in second half and this has nothing to do with any political personality.
Katrina Kaif, answering a question, said she watched several videos of lady politicians.
”Prakash gave me video footages of several lady politicians including Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi and this role has nothing to do with either Sonia or Priyanka,” Katrina said.Katrina also  hired a hindi teacher for this role

”This is not a  documentary or  preachy film,” she added.

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Ajay Devgan, the actor of the film, said characters of the film have the shades of the characters of the great epic ‘Mahabharata’.

Prakash Jha said “Ajay plays Karna, Ranbir Kapoor plays Arjun,Manoj Bajpai plays Duryodhan and  Katrina plays Dropadi

Answering a question, Ajay said that politics has become a dirty game and good people are no more joining it.