A detailed Report on who watches IPL- An iDubba exclusive

About iDubba: (www.idubba.com)

iDubba started with an intention to revolutionize the way Television is watched in today’s hi-tech, technology driven World. It’s an online and mobile platform to help users get instant information about what’s happening on TV based on their profile, geography and behaviour. Our aim is to become one stop platform to satisfy all TV related needs of today’s modern man. We are working to build a new generation TV guidance system, recommendation platform and information source specifically targeting Indian users, media, broadcasters and advertisers.

About Special IPL feature:

With the start of IPL we launched some very unique features like allowing users to set ‘Team’ Specific and ‘Player’ specific alerts, so that they need not to worry about missing their favourite players batting or bowling on Pitch. So, whenever their favourite teams or players are on TV we send them SMS alerts. This feature quickly became very popular and we received thousands of requests for same.

Another feature is an IPL prediction game, where users can predict which team will win and who will score how many runs or take how many wickets. This prediction game also became very popular and we have seen users getting engaged into this almost every day.

About the Report:

Since we have very detailed data about user’s behaviour, their choices, preferences and alert timings we thought of creating this report. The report gives various important details like which is the most watched team in IPL 2010 or what is the time when viewership of a particular IPL match increases (based on which player is on crease or how many over are remaining etc). It also contains details like which cities are most active in watching IPL Vs the teams they like to watch on TV.

Who can use this Report?

1. Broadcasters- Set Max gets all the attention these days because of IPL and other Broadcasters are worried about their falling TRPs. They can use this report to understand the downtime in viewership on Set Max, and can showcase their own special programs or features based on the data we provide.

2. Advertisers- They can understand the popularity of particular teams and players which may help them in targeting their advertisements better and to the right audience.

3. Media- Can use this report to publish in their network. IPL has become huge in India and everyone wants to get an insight into it, simply because of the kind of money that go into this. Feel free to use this report in any form you like.

What this Report contains?

1. Popularity of IPL teams with Indian users- Details about which team is more popular than other versus the most popular player of that team.

2. Popularity of individual players- A comparison of the most popular players playing in IPL. Understand what makes a viewer watch a particular match. Our statistics reveal that more than teams Indian viewers are biased towards individual players unlike English Football League.

3. Which is the favourite team for winning IPL- With our special IPL game feature we were able to get an insight into user’s predictive behaviour. The data of users whose predictions have been correct most of the time was used to get this analysis.

A synopsis of Report-

1. Percentage of SMS alerts set for various teams on iDubba:


In the above graph Y-Axis is the percentage of alerts which were set for individual teams on iDubba.

2. Percentage of SMS alerts set for individual players on iDubba:


This Pie-Chart has top 10 players against whom SMS alerts are set on iDubba (i.e. whenever they play on field, iDubba sends them an alert).

3. Users bet on:


On our special IPL Prediction game, we saw the activity biased towards ‘Mumbai’ team again. However the difference is not much since people wanted to take part in as many games as possible.

To get the detailed report, leave a comment here with your mail id and other details.

iDubba Recommends- ‘Movie Plex’!

This week we have handpicked some movies from different Channels which should be of your interest. These movies are from Various genres but are highly recommended by audience over iDubba. Have a look-

Star Movies:-

Wall-E and Eve 1. Wall-E:  IMDb Rating 8.5/10, Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Romance | Sci-Fi

Awards: Won Best Animation Oscar.

Personal Recommendation: I liked the music of the Film, it was amazing. You should specially look for the song when Eva gets deactivated and Wall-E tries to bring her back to life.. heart touching!

Watch this on Monday, 29th March @9:00PM.

phonebooth 2. Phone Booth: IMDb Rating 7.2/10, Genre: Mystery | Thriller

Awards: 7 Nominations.

Personal Recommendation: The movie is gripping except for the end, but even then you’ll enjoy it.

Watch this on Wednesday, 31st March @10:55 PM.

HBO :-

harrypotter and goblet of fire 1. Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire: IMDb Rating 7.6/10, Genre: Adventure | Family | Fantasy | Mystery

Awards: Nominated for Oscar.

Personal Recommendation: I’m a Harry Potter Fan and would love to watch any HP movie anytime. But Goblet of Fire was the best one in terms of execution among the series. Watch it for a visual treat.

Watch this on Monday, 29th March @3:30 PM

MIA_RGB-1-Sheet_21P 2. Mamma Mia: IMDb Rating 6.6/10, Genre: Comedy | Musical | Romance

Awards: Nominated for 2 Golden Globes.

Personal Recommendation: This movie was a tribute to ABBA songs and is filled with her famous songs like “Mamma Mia”, hence the Title. The movie however didn’t receive a great critic response.

Watch it on, Thursday, April 1st @9:00 PM

rush hour 3 3. Rush Hour 3: IMDb rating 6.0/10, Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller

Awards: 7 Nominations.

Personal Recommendation: A treat for Action Lovers.

Watch it on Friday, Apr 2nd 10:00 AM & 11:15 PM

Zee Studio :-

zodiac_movie 1. Zodiac: IMDb Rating 7.9/10, Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Awards: 25 Nominations.

Watch it on, Monday, March 29th @6:30 PM

peaceful warrior 2. Peaceful Warrior: IMDb Rating 7/10, Genre: Drama | Romance | Sport


The story is about a young gymnast Dan Millman played by Scott Mechlowicz, and his struggle to make sense of his life in which he is successful but still unfulfilled. By chance he meets his “Yoda”/Shaolin priest/Boss Paul who helps him “git his haid straight” after which he goes on to be comfortable with his athletic prowess albeit not exactly Olympic caliber. There is a lot of jumping around scene wise during which we don’t know what is dream (part of getting his head straight) or reality showing his maturing personality. He suffers a debilitating physical injury which forces him to work very hard to get back where he was ability wise earlier, but much wiser for successfully negotiating his transformation to wise old Grasshopper. This is almost a “Rocky IX” type movie with a wonderful happy ending.

Watch it on 11:20PM Tuesday on Mar 30th

Sony Pix:-

insomnia 1.Insomnia: IMDb Rating 7.2/10, Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Awards: 1 Win and 8 Nominations

Watch it on, 11:15Pm Tues 30 March.

spiderman 2 2. Spider Man 2: IMDb Rating 7.7/10, Genre: Action | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Awards: Won Oscar, another 14 Wins and 39 Nominations.

Personal Recommendation: Amazing visuals and better story than 1st part in the series.

Watch it at 2:15Pm wednesday March 31st.

bad santa 3. Bad Santa: IMDb Rating 7.3/10, Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe, another 1 win and 7 nominations.

Watch it at 9:00 PM Thursday Apr 01st.

the da vinci code 4. The Da Vinci Code: IMDb Rating 6.4/10, Genre: Mystery | Thriller

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe.

Personal Recommendation: Not a perfect adaptation of the original Novel but nonetheless an opportunity for those who haven’t read the novel in first place.

Watch it on 11:15 Pm April 2nd, friday.

Do let us know what do you think of these recommendations. Your feedback matters :).

iDubba Recommends- This week’s show dubba(box) for Lifestyle/Fashion loving girls!

Yes, we are back. And this time recommending shows for our Fashion loving girls. If you’re young and hip, college going and like to watch Idiot Box, here are some of the top recommended shows for you

MTV Style Check 1. MTV Style Check. Channel: MTV, Next Airing- 25th Mar 2 PM.

Get latest updates from famous designers and Fashion gurus. Watch this show everyday and to set SMS alerts you can go to this link- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/MTV/Style_Check.aspx

im too sexy form my shoes NDTV goodtimes 2. I’m too Sexy for my Shoes. Channel: NDTV Goodtimes, Next Airing- Thurs 5:30 PM

I’m Too Sexy For My Shoes is a high fashion show that looks at the subject beyond the obvious. The episodes highlight different ways in which a trend can be worn. We tell you about various stores and brands that stock the current trends. Apart from the trends the show offers unlimited supply of tips that will make you staggeringly stylish. It gives you hair and make up tips and also tell you about the right footwear that will make or break any outfit. The show travels across the country from Kashmir to Pondicherry, to give you a flavour of Indian fashion that is as diverse as the nation’s food palette. The new series helps you realise how fashion has been influenced by various aspects and that’s why Architect Hafeez Contractor shares with us his take on subject. It makes the intimidating fashion from the runways of Sao Paulo, Paris and Milan user friendly and easy to digest! Don’t believe us? Well… just tune into the new series!!

To set SMS reminder for this show- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/NDTV_Good_Times/I_Am_Too_Sexy_For_My_Shoes.aspx

americas next top model Zee Cafe 3. America’s next Top model. Channel: Zee Cafe, Next Airing- Thurs 3 PM

14 aspiring girls will battle it out for a prestigious modeling contract on the streets of high fashion. With a new judge and a new location, this season will sizzle more than ever before.

You can set reminders for next 5 appearances of this show here- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/Zee_Cafe/Americas_Next_Top_Model.aspx

friends zee cade 4. Friends (Season-10). Channel- Zee Cafe, Next Airing- Thurs 5:00 PM

One of the best Comedy series of all times. And you still love it :).

Never miss this show via- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/Zee_Cafe/Friends.aspx

so you think you can dance axn 5. So you think You can Dance. Channel- AXN, Next Airing- Fri 12:00 PM (Episode- 6 down to 4)

A very popular talent hunt reality show where contestants compete to be named America’s favourite dancer. Each week contestants dance with a different partner to test their versatility. All types of dance backgrounds are encouraged from salsa to hip-hop, jazz to ballet. The two couples whom the viewers at home decide have performed the weakest are eliminated each week by a panel of judges until only four remain. In the end only one couple will be crowned the winner and receive a grand prize. This is my personal favourite 🙂


emotional atyachaar bindass 6. Emotional Atyachaar. Channel- Bindass, Next Airing- Fri-7:00 PM

One of the controversial shows on TV. Emotional Atyachar takes the fidelity test of lovers and showcase them on National TV.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, set reminder for same- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/Bindass/Emotional_Atyachaar.aspx

dance india dance zee tv 7. Dance India Dance. Channel- Zee TV, Next Airing- Thu, Fri 9:30 PM

India’s version of “So you Think you can Dance?”. A talent hunt show where we can see some awesome Dance talent 🙂


splitsvilla MTV 8. Splitsvilla. Channel- MTV, Next Airing- Tomorrow 10 PM (Finale 1)

When allies of 5 hot couples and an axis of 10 super hot singles clash, the result is bloodshed and broken hearts. World War III has been declared and the battle field is a luxury villa in Asias most popular beach destination, Phuket. With sizzling hot generals a.k.a hosts VJ Nikhil Chinapa and VJ Deepti Gujral and a brilliant new format, Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3: The War For Love Returns, is back. All arms used in this war will not only be for hugging!

Set alerts for this show here- http://www.idubba.com/idubba_tv_shows/MTV/Splitsvilla_Season_3.aspx

Let us know lovely ladies how you find these recommendations. Your feedback will help us improving this feature. And yea if you’re interested in recommending us shows you can do that by sending a mail to contactus@idubba.com.

iDubba recommends what to watch this week on TV through Personalized Weekly ‘Show Dubba’?

Sorry, for not posting here on iDubba’s blog for quite sometime. In fact I became more active over trak.in and writing guest blogs instead of writing at my home ground. No. My intention was not to run away from Blogging on my own site, but the main issue was- I needed to find a concrete reason for visitors to come over here and get some real useful information. Something which can be easily associated with what we are doing at iDubba.

I thought that I needed to take a step back, re-think what I was doing and then decide what should be done. I thought that- I should write something which will be associated with what we do at idubba i.e. TV show and Movie suggestion and alerts. But how can I differentiate between what my website provides and what I’ll post here? This question needed to be answered and I finally came up with this idea-

We will give you some Dubba’s of various shows and Movies every week here, targeting specific genres and demographics, specially hand picked and packed with iDubba’s personalization algorithm!

Yea that’s the IDEA! Loved that :)? It may look very attractive but its challenging to achieve what we aspire to do here. We need your support, and looking forward to your feedback.

Here goes the first of such Post–

This week’s show and movie dubba(box) for Technology addicts, Adventure-holics and Action lovers!


What to watch?

Discovery Project Earth (Show)-

A must watch program for all those who love to see the power of technology. I was waiting for this series after it went off-air from Discovery Channel. But thanks to “Discovery Science” I’ll be able to watch it again  on TV. If you are a geo-engineering student or engineer, this is a must!

You can watch this on Sunday 9:30 PM on Discovery Science.

The Invasion (Movie)-

Its a Sci-Fi thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig and has an IMDB rating of 6.1. It’s a typical ‘Alien Invasion’ story but with a twist where Nicole’s son is holding the key to stop Invasion.

Watch this on HBO on Sat 1:15 PM.

Tech Toyz-

This is one of the most searched for shows on idubba.com. It’s one stop shop for all Gizmo news, latest gadget information and technology updates. If you haven’t watched this show yet, this is THE thing you were missing on TV. Show is hosted by Shruti Rajkumar, Taapsi Ramchandani and Ankit Vengurlekar.

Goto this link to get all the info about this show or to set an sms reminder.

Destination Extreme-Norway

If you like adventure, what could be better than skiing and that too seeing that happening at its birth place. Yes, Norway has skiing and loads of other adventure sports to boast off and and at the same time its glamorized by its awesome natural beauty! Hit this show on Nat Geo Adventure, new channel on Block.

Watch this on Sat, Mar 20th 11:30 AM on Nat Geo Adventure.

Time Warp-Paintball

The only show which teaches you about physics and technology right in front your eyes using whacky ideas. Time warp uses super slow motion camera filming and integrates that with amazing ideas to bring out some effective learning.

Watch this on Discovery @ Get schedule and set reminder.

Who should watch?

Age group- 12 to 35.

Gender- Not gender specific.

Profession- All engineers, IT professionals, technical students, adventure and sport lovers.

We have started out with these shows. Let us know whether you like these suggestions or not. We’ll bring out more shows and Movies for different target groups and for various combinations of schedules very soon.

What inspires a Startup?

Before I answer this question, I should answer another question first- What inspired me to write this post? The other day I was having a discussion with my Father when I subconsciously asked him about ‘the type of Businessmen’ in this world. I had a doubt about Businesses and their motives when I asked him this- Why is that there are local businesses running well over 200-300 crores but are not very famous or well known? On the other hand why we have some Entrepreneurs who sold there businesses for some crores but are really well known and sought after (especially by Startups like us)? Well, his answer was simple but it fuelled a new thought in my mind. This is what he said to me-

There are 3 types of businessmen in this World-

  1. Those who are intellectually famous but financially not so affluent (not having a 200-300 crore business),
  • Those who are financially very affluent but are intellectually weak (not having an influential friend network) .. [Read full Post here.]