My Article on Economic Times on Startup tips

My article on Startups was published by Economic Times (Delhi/Mumbai and Bangalore) Friday edition. Here are my 10 tips on starting up without QUITTING YOUR JOB”

Do let me know your thoughts on this :). To read a detailed version of this article visit my Startup Lessons page.

6 thoughts on “My Article on Economic Times on Startup tips

  1. Stop talking about it and start doing. Think for one moment what would happen if you left your job behind you and focused all of your energy into your new business.

    Holding on to a job any longer than you need to is like holding on to a bad investment. In a job you are ALWAYS paid less than you are worth to the company.

    Belief in yourself is more important than any business plan. Desire for success helps build belief. Without either the desire to succeed or belief in yourself, even the best made plan is sure to fail. Start building your desire. Make yourself psychologically unemployable and success will follow you.

    • That’s very well written and I appreciate your comment Nick. Even I have taken the step, its not like I’m doing this while holding a Job. But what if you get a business idea while working? You can’t go and resign very next day. You should give your business concept some real good thought before making that jump. And moreover in a country like India situations and family issues are very different from western countries. You need every one’s support to get started :).

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