Is the comparison of 3 IDIOTS with SHOLEY correct?

Now a days, at every channel, there is a GA-GA about the movie 3 IDIOTS(2009). They are comparing its popularity and comparing its Box-Office collection with the blockbuster SHOLEY (1975), which does not make any sense. This actually raises a question on the IQ of the people working on this news. They are comparing the collection on SHOLEY (300 CR In 1975) with the current collection of 3 IDIOTS (150 CR till now in 2010).

I just have couple of questions for these people:

  • Does the number of viewers are the same?
  • How many people could reach to the theatre to watch the movie now and that time?
  • Appreciation of money during the period?

Just to share the information in the year 1975 when there are very few cinema halls were present across the country and number of viewers was very less, and that time SHOLEY has done tremendously well.

For an example, just ask any of the person across the country, “Do you know GABBAR SINGH?” and the answer will be definitely “Yes” in 95% of the cases and the percentage will raise as the age group will increase. I just want to share a moment that happened in my life. I was working in an IT company and one day I just said to my colleague that he is looking like VIRU (Dharmendra of SHOLEY) today as he was wearing the same king of the denim jacket that VIRU wore in SHOLEY. He asked me, “Who is VIRU?”

“Haven’t you watched the SHOLEY?” I asked with surprise.

“No” he replied.

“What, you haven’t watched SHOLEY?” this was the question asked by approximately 20 people sitting around him instantly with a big surprise on their faces and this news spread in the entire company with in a hour and everyone who knows or do not know him asked him the same question “How come you haven’t watched SHOLEY?”

Now consider the same situation for the 3 IDIOTS. Does this movie could even come close to the height of the popularity that SHOLEY touched? Does any character of 3 IDIOTS could get the popularity as of GABBAR SINGH of SHOLEY?

Now come about the collection of this movie. In 1975 the movie had done the business of Rs 300 CR.

If we consider the gold rate appreciation to normalize the currency value with time, Gold rate in 1975 was Rs 540 per 10 gm while it is Rs 17000 in 2010, which is approximately 31.5 times of the past rate. So after normalizing the collection of SHOLEY according to 2010, the figure comes around Rs 9540 CR.

Now compare the collection of 3 IDIOTS with SHOLEY and think, Does Rs 150 CR is anyway near to the Rs 9540 CR?

Seriously, the current media looking really uneducated when it comes to comparison and they just sell the information without thinking does this make any sense or not. I know there are many factors that could be considered when making the comparison but the question still stands tall, that even after considering all the factors about both movies, Does 3 IDIOTS still anywhere close to the popularity and collection done by SHOLEY? Spreading this message by media that 3 IDIOTS could break or come closer to the records and popularity of SHOLEY is senseless.

12 thoughts on “Is the comparison of 3 IDIOTS with SHOLEY correct?

  1. What a lame thinking man. this is really a lame article. It collected 300 Cr over the years not just when it released. And you are comparing it with a baby born 3 weeks ago. Where is your research, when you r questioning some body. It collected 35 Cr in its first run. How can you even think one film can collect 300 cr at that time (1975) where the primary market was just India.

    It collected about 700 cr( inflation adjusted) till now. Which seems to be a possibility for 3 idiots. That is the reason everybody might be comparing with sholay. I even dont agree but the argument you used is wrong.

    Repeatedly watching the movie over this many years made you a big fan of it and everybody might have liked the Gabbar role. So how can you say there is no role in the movie 3 idiots that can be as famous as that. Any role can become like that . Just need some time.

    What a lame comparison with Gold price dude. On the positive side the markets have elaborated globally and the negative side there is huge online and video piracy. We can’t absolutely compare two movies which have been released 35 years apart.

    my anger is due to two lame articles in a row on idubba the other is Twitter may soon become Mobile companies biggest nightmare

    No research nothing… just crap…

    • Now, since you want the research then here is the analysis.

      Week 0001 – Week Ending Aug 21, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 46,66,224/-
      Week 0002 – Week Ending Aug 28, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 34,98,605/-
      Week 0003 – Week Ending Sep 04, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 25,57,450/-
      Week 0004 – Week Ending Sep 11, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 21,27,120/-
      Week 0005 – Week Ending Sep 18, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 17,76,520/-
      Week 0006 – Week Ending Sep 25, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 13,84,464/-
      Week 0007 – Week Ending Oct 02, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 11,74,001/-
      Week 0008 – Week Ending Oct 09, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 10,78,480/-
      Week 0009 – Week Ending Oct 16, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 9,24,365/-
      Week 0010 – Week Ending Oct 23, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 9,72,574/-
      Week 0011 – Week Ending Oct 30, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 8,74,492/-
      Week 0012 – Week Ending Nov 06, 1975: Box Office Collection: Rs. 8,09,285/-
      Week 0060 – Week Ending Oct 07, 1976: Box Office Collection: Rs. 53,920/-
      Week 0150 – Week Ending Jun 29, 1978: Box Office Collection: Rs. 28,601/-
      Week 1500 – Week Ending May 13, 2004: Box Office Collection: Rs. 38,359/-

      If you know mathematics then as you are aware that it has collected total of Rs 768,81,00,000 till now is the absolute value not the normalized one.

      Now let’s talk about how the collection has been done.

      Total number of theaters in 1975 were only 10% of the current number of theater. Like in delhi the movies is running together in approx 15 theaters and 90 shows a day while in 1975 it was running in only 2 theaters with 8 shows a day.

      total number of screening are not even 10% of the current situation.

      Now the ticket in multiplex is approx Rs 150-200 while on a normal theater it is Rs 75/-

      Comparing this with the ticket cost in 1975 Rs 1/- or somewhere it is even less then that…I remember I have watched movie in 1987 with a cost of ticket Rs 5/-

      Also the movie ticket rates were slashed when it become the tax free in many states.

      So tickets rates inflation is more then 100%.

      When you talk about piracy you forgot so many things again :
      1. There are very few people having the access to the theaters.
      2. People with age less then 15-16 year do not go to watch the movie as it consider bad that time.
      3. The collection was approximately none for the region like AP/KR/TN and north east. cause either there is no theater and where there is theater people do not know Hindi and this film was released only in Hindi.

      These are only some points and if you normalize based on them only you will find that the collection it has done in starting 3 weeks should be multiplied with 1000.

      And do not forgot that that time the people do not have televisions in their home so No Media Advertisements.

      Sometime I really think that how people give their comments without understanding the article.

      Dude you need to understand 3 things before replying again:

      1. What is normalization? Investopedia is the best site you can go to understand that.

      2. How the gold price gets controlled and the currency price changes. FYI the international trade is either done in Dollars or gold, and to get the Dollar reserve you need to deposit the equivalent gold to concern authorities. Gold trade and prices were controlled globally that time also. So saying this normalization factor as lame itself questions your understanding about the financial market.

      3. If you do not know the situation of 1975 and today well then first understand the 1975 India.

      Saying any article lame is acting like Shiyajee Shindee of movie Shool when he said “Agar paani main se current inkaal loge to bachega kya?”

      Think again after understanding all the things and write it down and if your comments make any sense then I will surely accept them add modify my article.

  2. hmmm… quite a heated discussion. but yes, i agree with Ambuj here. See Bobby the point is that “Sholey” actually earned 350 odd crores in Box office collection only, and not over 35 years of time period. Check this out- . The movie ran on theaters for 5 years and collected this much as Box oFfice collection.

    But we respect your views for iDubba and we appreciate your feedback. Every article on here is screened well before by us to be included. We don’t want to be very serious, to-the-point bloggers on iDubba. It’s a blog related to media and startups. Media posts may be fun or even ask for heated discussions like this- u knw better that media means more masala than facts. What we put is just a point of view, you may or may not agree with the POV.

    Now answering about the “Twitter” post, its again a POV. I have put the facts and as far as I understand Twitter, no one yet knows what it may result in, in near future. So till that time we are free to put our own analysis- ain’t we :)?

  3. @rabi , get the power of your glasses checked and then revisit the wiki page.3 idiots is better than sholay…i dont want to put my points here….actually dont have that much spare time….but if i put them….everyone will see that 3 idiots is a little better than sholay in every aspect (earning,quality of movie).Only Sholay had better music.

  4. this will tell you all, got the cd and dvd of sholay with me preserved till date since last 10 years (now planning to get a blu-ray disc also). forgot to tell, also has full dialogue cassettes pack of the same. i will be the fourth idiot if i do the same for 3 idiots. happy you will know, i have not watched the crap 3 idiots yet guys. also, forgot to tell had all the pacino movie collection, you know why, class man, ya standard. its called class of my own. next, time think what you compare.

  5. SHOLAY- 35cr @ first run-1975 (actually it doubled the gross in subsequent years)

    HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN..!!- 129cr@-1994

    GADAR EK PREM KADHA-139cr@2001

    BOX OFFICE INDIA CLAIMED , 3 idiots watched by 2.5 crores of people in theaters.. while its 4crore for GADAR EK PREM KADHA

    according to BOI
    sholay is THE all time biggest
    and HAHK or GADAR is the MOST WATCHEDMODERN DAY FILM (after 1990)

    my father watched sholay from bomaby MINERVA (where it had a dream run of 5.5 years , and stopped the run due to the strike in theater)

    he spend Rs.9 for a ticket.. but it was in black..
    actual ticket rate was around Rs.2.10 . (balcony)
    it was the ticket rate in India’s biggest city. if you take this as average price of then ticket.. then also SHOLAY is INCOMPARABLE
    35crore gross at an average ticket rate of Rs.2 (actually it may be Re.1) means 18cr people watched it in theaters..

    SHOLAY-18cr >>> GADAR-4cr >>> 3idiots-2.5cr

  6. i dont think ‘three idiot’ can be compare with ‘shollay’. Shollay is all tym hits,i love most the character of Jai. And we can say evry charcter of Shollay is amorous charcter,they can’t be died from audience mind nd heart. Three Idiot is a good film bt we can’t it compare wid Shollay, Shollay is best….shollay rockxxxxxxx

  7. I think SHOLAY is the better than best films of bollywood .10years after releasing any movie from 1990 to 2030or50 you ask an one question from child orviewrs ARE U KNOW RANCHORDAS CHANCHAD?HE will SAY NO
    and in upto 2090 you ask anyone like child or any that
    I mean to say that no one say that he knows RANCHORDAS CHANCHAD

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