Are you against movie censorship?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you’re thinking is in line with some of India’s cult Movie Directors who think that censorship causes Films to lose ‘real’ touch. Very recently Anurag Kashyap said this- “There shouldn’t be any censorship on making a film. We are still very conservative about the term sex,””I am trying to push my boundaries so that everything in the film looks real.”

All this looks fine from one angle- “Freedom to speak” is what every publisher, writer, director is looking for in this World. But this world has its own rules, if one is in a Socialist country like China almost everything said and done on media is subjected to Govt’s scrutiny but what if you’re in a democracy like India or US? [Continue Reading..]

Who’s getting Emotional(ly) Atyachar(ed)?

I would have never appreciated any reality TV show for its unique idea and brilliant concept, but I changed my mind after watching ‘Emotional Atyachar’ on Bindaas. Here is a show which may not be as popular as ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamwar’ but it’s defnitely more creative and thrilling than any other reality shows around. Yeah, you might have many questions in mind after watching the show, but that’s an integral part of all ‘scripted’ reality shows.

Unlike any other reality shows ‘Emotional Atayachar’ raises not one but many doubts (enough to keep any one glued to TV) but it actually manages all that very well. So here goes the Plot-

Contestants having an affair are asked to do a fidelity test on their partners. There are basically 3 entities in the show- “Contestant”, “Contestant’s boy/girl friend” and “Emotional Atyachar tempters and crew”. The Emotional Atyachar team consists of some experts who try to test the faithfulness of victim. They start with friendship and then start flirting with the victim on seen, while their Camera crew records all the action LIVE. The ‘Emotional’ team also carries a hidden camera and microphone to record the victim’s reactions and replies and feed them LIVE to the studio crew. After the test is conducted the feed is shown to the contestant, and as expected most of the victims fails this test. Which then creates a high tension drama on scene- abuses, slaps, cries, humiliation etc etc.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, but there is more to the show- if someone tests negative for infidelity they may also run a cross fidelity test on the contestant itself (amazing huh :))..

Many doubts arise after seeing the show- I’m not going to talk about morality issues as many shows have already crossed that line and there is no point in discussing that again. But yes, the first doubt is- are the victims given any compensation for allowing the team to show footage on TV? If yes, can’t it be another reason to cheat? But as per UTV“people who’ve cheated are made to sign a consent form after being shown the footage. “Our tempters never make the first move, we blur faces of the women who cheat and we get them to sign consent forms.”

Huh.. it can’t be as simple as it sounds, who in his/her right mind would sign a consent form just for the negative publicity? This doubt raises further questions- are the contestants also paid? Can’t it be a combined effort to get some quick money and a brilliant script? Well, who knows what runs behind those ‘bindaas’ cameras’?

May be, we need some news channel reporters to run a sting operation on the creators behind such shows. That would make another interesting ‘reality’ show. Isn’t it? 🙂

Twitter may soon become Mobile companies biggest nightmare!

OK. Read this-

@iamsrk tweets to @juniorbachchan- wot r u doing up so late young man…will call paa just now and report you. love u man. last day of shoot tomorrow??

@iamsrk tonight shah. Back home dayafter. Dinner is a must once I’m back. Will tell’s ur riding going?


@Riteishd tweets- There is no truth to the article suggesting that i am getting married. Actually not a single line printed in that article is true.

@juniorbachchan replies @Riteishd you’re getting married???? Mubarak! Who’s the lucky girl? ☺ ……. You know I’m going to rag you about this all day. HAHAHA

@juniorbachchan hahaha hum bhi aapke kisi article ke liye rukenge

shahrukh twitter

On any other day these will look as not-so-important conversations to anyone, unless one knows that the person who are chatting above are (real) Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Desmukh respectively.. now stop reading those conversations again :). Yes it’s a fact that our super famous media people are using Twitter very frequently and the best part is-everyone is saying “I’m Loving it” (Mc Donald’s slogan). But Unlike MC Donald’s burger the tweets don’t even cost a single Rupee and the ultimate thing is that fans get their star’s status messages in real time, and that too…. for free :).

Now twitter unlike other social networking sites works well for famous personalities, as it quickly allows fans to follow the tweets of their favorite star. For businesses and famous people that’s a very good thing as they need not to do anything to market their daily lives or products.

But why I’m saying that it can hurt Mobile companies? “Twitter” is primarily a web tool which can be accessed through Mobile as well. But how it affects Mobile companies? Well the quick answer is- It allows the power to communicate shortest of things at cheapest possible costs, even if Mobile companies start charging you for sending tweets through SMS the number would be very small. As one tweet would be charged as that of one SMS cost but the fact that it’s actually delivered to thousands of followers for free, may hurt any Mobile companies future growth.

Now the biggest reason I put up the conversation above is to prove the point that how often eminent Movie personalities are using Twitter services to converse with each other. Since all the high end Mobile users like Shahrukh and Abhishek contribute significantly to Mobile companies’ revenues, they may take a hit if such users start using Twitter to communicate most often.

  • What do you think? Can Twitter really become a nightmare for Mobile companies, or Mobile companies will find a way to start charging significant fees for Tweeting?

Is the comparison of 3 IDIOTS with SHOLEY correct?

Now a days, at every channel, there is a GA-GA about the movie 3 IDIOTS(2009). They are comparing its popularity and comparing its Box-Office collection with the blockbuster SHOLEY (1975), which does not make any sense. This actually raises a question on the IQ of the people working on this news. They are comparing the collection on SHOLEY (300 CR In 1975) with the current collection of 3 IDIOTS (150 CR till now in 2010).

I just have couple of questions for these people:

  • Does the number of viewers are the same?
  • How many people could reach to the theatre to watch the movie now and that time?
  • Appreciation of money during the period?

Just to share the information in the year 1975 when there are very few cinema halls were present across the country and number of viewers was very less, and that time SHOLEY has done tremendously well.

For an example, just ask any of the person across the country, “Do you know GABBAR SINGH?” and the answer will be definitely “Yes” in 95% of the cases and the percentage will raise as the age group will increase. I just want to share a moment that happened in my life. I was working in an IT company and one day I just said to my colleague that he is looking like VIRU (Dharmendra of SHOLEY) today as he was wearing the same king of the denim jacket that VIRU wore in SHOLEY. He asked me, “Who is VIRU?”

“Haven’t you watched the SHOLEY?” I asked with surprise.

“No” he replied.

“What, you haven’t watched SHOLEY?” this was the question asked by approximately 20 people sitting around him instantly with a big surprise on their faces and this news spread in the entire company with in a hour and everyone who knows or do not know him asked him the same question “How come you haven’t watched SHOLEY?”

Now consider the same situation for the 3 IDIOTS. Does this movie could even come close to the height of the popularity that SHOLEY touched? Does any character of 3 IDIOTS could get the popularity as of GABBAR SINGH of SHOLEY?

Now come about the collection of this movie. In 1975 the movie had done the business of Rs 300 CR.

If we consider the gold rate appreciation to normalize the currency value with time, Gold rate in 1975 was Rs 540 per 10 gm while it is Rs 17000 in 2010, which is approximately 31.5 times of the past rate. So after normalizing the collection of SHOLEY according to 2010, the figure comes around Rs 9540 CR.

Now compare the collection of 3 IDIOTS with SHOLEY and think, Does Rs 150 CR is anyway near to the Rs 9540 CR?

Seriously, the current media looking really uneducated when it comes to comparison and they just sell the information without thinking does this make any sense or not. I know there are many factors that could be considered when making the comparison but the question still stands tall, that even after considering all the factors about both movies, Does 3 IDIOTS still anywhere close to the popularity and collection done by SHOLEY? Spreading this message by media that 3 IDIOTS could break or come closer to the records and popularity of SHOLEY is senseless.

Reality shows to watch out for in 2010

Hi, first of all a very happy new year to all iDubba readers. We had a a great time last year and we hope that this year we’ll be able to take iDubba to new heights. So how to start this new year’s first post? Well since you know that throughout last year “Reality” tag was amongst the favorites, so we’ll start with same this year too :).. (i beg your  pardon, but I know you love it too)!!

Last year Indian TV broadcasting saw a major overhaul, with Colors overcoming Star Plus’s supremacy and reality shows taking over saas-bahu sagas. The year started with Colors launching “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and then came several trend revolutionizing shows like- “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar”, “Sachh Ka Saamna” and not to forget “Raaz Pichle Janam ka”. These shows revolutionized the trend (to some extent though) of show picking during prime time slots. Some say the programs were exciting, some say they were too extreme, but at the end everyone watched them. Now let’s have a look at some of the most anticipated shows of 2010-

“Lift Kara De” on Sony– A reality show where contestants compete to prove that they are the biggest fan of their chosen Superstar. The premise look promising(with host Karan Johar) and the concept is a novel one, let’s see how it turns out to be. But yes, it may prove to be good for Sony, which is not able to deliver any promising reality show (except for Comedy Circus and Dus Ka Dum).

“National Bingo Night” on Colors- If you have seen recent ads where Abhishek talks about “aaram Classes”- yes they are the Promos of a new show to be aired soon on Colors. It’s a reality Game show where both the contestants and TV audiences will take part. The show will have two fast paced rounds of the popular guessing game ‘Bingo’ where the studio contestant plays one of many in-studio games, which is driven by the game ball numbers. The audiences meanwhile have to predict the numbers and match them with the tickets that will be handed out to them. It’s a game of intellect, luck and good guesswork!

“Rahul Dulhaniya Le jaeinge” on NDTV Imagine. This was one of the anticipated ones this year, but got delayed as NDTV wanted to air “Raaz Pichle Janam ka” before this. This is a mirror image of famous show aired last year “Rakhi Ka Swayamwar”. I mentioned about this sometime back in my post.

“Indian Premier Laughter Show” on Star One. Star one lost the heat after its flagship “Indian Laughter Challenge” show went off-air. It seems quite logical for them to come up with a similar concept this year too. People love comedy in any form, hence we would love to watch another season of that famous show.

There are other highly anticipated reality shows which are going to be on-air this year. Let’s see what all we have-

Colors– “Chak Dhoom Dhoom”- Dance talent, “Bigg Boss-4”, “Khatron Ke Khiladi-3”.

Zee– “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Li’l Champs”.

Star Plus– “Sach Ka Saamna-2”.

Sony– “Indian Idol-5”, “Jhalak Dikhlaja-4”, “Boogie Woogie”, “Dus Ka Dum-3”.

So let’s sit back and enjoy ourselves, and don’t forget to register on iDubba if you want regular updates on the Schedules of these shows :).

Why In-dian startups stop In-novating?

Yes, both these words share common initials, but in reality there is huge gap between India and Innovation. In past decade India has become a hub for outsourcing (specially in IT), and has shown some outstanding growth in fields like Telecom. But this post is specially for Internet Startups where all the action is happening today (both locally and Internationally)! I have recently started my startup journey and have experienced some fake expectations and harsh realities in past one year. My interaction with some young entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts forced me to think about one issue- “Why we don’t hear Google/Twitter like stories from India?”

I have been to several B-Plan contests in India and have attended several other events as TIE-Con, OMCAR etc. These events do help us in creating an initial business network but the problem lies in the seriousness shown from both the startup side and Investors’ side. No, it’s not about the idea, in fact all the ideas are good and promising on paper. continue reading..