How to get max out of iDubba!

Ok.. most of you might be wondering about iDubba now! What it is? How it’s different? How it can save my life and much more.. That’s why we thought of coming up with this Blog update to let our readers connect with iDubba in a better way!

iDubba’s main USP is in understanding your profile and behaviour. There are many websites which will give you schedules of TV shows/Movies  but they will not suggest you that why should you watch them. iDubba understands this pain area and allows user to find shows of their interests with ease. That’s why with every show results you also get handy information saying why should you watch that show. Very soon we’ll enable features where you can rate shows and comment on them too.

Our aim is to make your searches fast and relevant. We don’t want that you spend more time on iDubba itself rather than watching actual programs. We have started with six basic genres right now. But we chose them based on the interests of internet users, and because its very difficult to get relevant information about shows in these categories.

Now why should you register? You can use a very effective feature “iAlerts” after registering with iDubba. Whenever you search for shows based on your choices, you will get an option to set alerts for same. Those alerts will tell you when the show appears over TV, and also give you an option to set alert for same. We know that for you the main challenge today is in knowing about shows which might interest you and then getting alerts about the same so that you can watch them. We will soon be implementing reminder features and alerts through various other networks and Devices.

Now the more you surf over iDubba (after getting registered), the better our algorithm understands you and show results keep on getting better by the day based on your behaviour. We’ll keep on adding more shows and channels and will also better our search criteria so that you can choose shows based on channels and Languages too.

So keep surfing iDubba! We promise to come up with all these and much more very soon!

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