Show review: “Doing DaVinci on Discovery”

Yesterday I was able to catch this show which I wanted to watch when it premiered in India but somehow missed that time. However yesterday I put a reminder for the show and was able to catch it right on time. So here is my take on the show-

“Doing DaVinci” is based on innovative and creative thinking of the original Renaissance Man- Leonardo Da Vinci. He was an artist, scientist and a master of technology. Some of the designs which he made were thought to be ahead of his time and couldn’t be constructed then. Discovery thought of this as a good opportunity and came up with this idea of making a show around such designs.

But, as we know Discovery, they are experts in creating shows which are awesomely appealing. Hence they chose the ‘war’ section of Da Vinci’s designs to be constructed by a team of six experts from various fields of expertise. In this series their aim to construct 4 war designs viz. Armored Tank, Siege Ladder, Scythe Chariot and Machine Gun.

Yesterday I watched their “Seize Ladder” episode. In the episode ‘The crew attempts to build the renaissance master’s most massive design: a towering three-story siege ladder. But as creative differences arise, tension threatens to pull the team apart.’ To be frank the show wasn’t able to leave an awe effect on me, as it does for other Discovery shows. May be because this episode was related to a ladder and not something like Tanks and Fire guns. But one thing which was missing is lack of information about Da Vinci’s design itself. They should have covered his theory behind the design more extensively, because that is something we are really looking at on the show.

The show still has some usual Discovery touch- fighting among team members (some spice), flawless commentary and perfect execution. The only lacking part for last episode was content. Let’s hope that upcoming episodes are better in content as well.

Watch this show on Discovery: Sat, Dec 19 at 10:00 AM and let us know what you think about the same.

So here is iDubba’s iVerdict for the show- [3 Stars]

Note: Verdict can be modified after watching future episodes :-)!

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