Startups are like “2012″!

I don’t know how many of you have watched the Movie “2012”, but I watched it 2 times and found it an extremely interesting one! It’s not just about the story, the way a person can relate to Movie is also appreciative. But somehow I thought that the movie teaches many lessons, especially from an Entrepreneur’s point of View.

There are many instances where a Startup can easily see it’s own picture on the Screen. When I watched the movie second time I could relate some dialogues with my own life. It was quite funny too. For instance there is a scene in 2nd half where they talk of selling shuttle seats for some billions of dollars to a Saudi Sheikh – They argue that it’s unfair – To this US Mayor yells “Do you think without billions of dollar aid from Private Investors this mammoth task was ever possible?”. Continue reading..

2 thoughts on “Startups are like “2012″!

  1. nice review comparing startups and movie..

    i like to sugest a small thing …not to be a “guy finding faults type” but just a suggestion out of interest

    ‘i’ ….. in i dubba is given in telugu using two letter where you can give it more acurately by single leter …… ‘ఐ’ found in wiki pedia…..

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