Startups are like “2012″!

I don’t know how many of you have watched the Movie “2012”, but I watched it 2 times and found it an extremely interesting one! It’s not just about the story, the way a person can relate to Movie is also appreciative. But somehow I thought that the movie teaches many lessons, especially from an Entrepreneur’s point of View.

There are many instances where a Startup can easily see it’s own picture on the Screen. When I watched the movie second time I could relate some dialogues with my own life. It was quite funny too. For instance there is a scene in 2nd half where they talk of selling shuttle seats for some billions of dollars to a Saudi Sheikh – They argue that it’s unfair – To this US Mayor yells “Do you think without billions of dollar aid from Private Investors this mammoth task was ever possible?”. Continue reading..

Indian magazine section gets hotter!

9dot9-logo-2008sep18In line with this Blog post I wrote, there is another addition to the rapidly expanding magazine market in India (60 new magazines were launched in India in past one year). 9.9 Media has launched EDU- A monthly magazine costing Rs. 150 and targeting India’s higher education sector.

India’s higher education needs such attention because of some of the unique problems it faces- lack of quality institutes, old policies, reservations, lack of focus for students, lack of knowledge for career growth etc. EDU aims to solve some of these problems through a neutral and reliable platform. They will circulate the first 60-page issue to 5000 leaders in higher education across India.

The magazine will include sections such as Academics, Administration, Technology, Profile, Strategy and Updates from the sector and columns by well known academicians and visionaries. But more than this the real challenge as per me would be to decide on the marketing channel for spreading awareness among target audience.

They should combine internet and direct referral marketing to reach the audience. Since this a niche section and major magazine readers in India are from higher income group (business and technology), it would be a challenge for EDU to make right audience stick to the title.

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ blends- ‘Cinema’, ‘Technology’ and ‘money power’ to deliver an epic of sorts


A whooping budget of “1200 Crore” Rupees, A proprietary technology (developed by Cameron Brother duo) and a sci-fi story which took 4 years in the making (forget another 10 years spent in conceptualizing and realizing the idea)- it has all happened for James Cameron which took him 10 full years to come with next movie after super blockbuster “Titanic”!

But what made Cameron take so long to come up with another movie? Any Oscar winning Director would have tried to show his skills in no time at all. But that’s how real thinkers work in this world- they never compromise with original ideas. Cameron conceptualized “Avatar” way before “Titanic”, but the way and form in which he wanted the film to be made was not technically possible 10 years back. Hence he worked like a real hero- he and his brother (who developed the Robotic Camera which was used in Titanic’s initial scenes) decided to develop this technology on their own. The Result was a proprietary FUSION digital 3-D camera developed by Cameron brothers and Vince Pace (Man behind Ocean Odyssey, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over).

“Avatar” has been made in 3D and uses a blend of live-action photography and new virtual photorealistic production techniques where Cameron blends elements of massive spectacle and intimate character to tell a scientific and emotional story.

Avatar’s selected footage screening already created a buzz which was termed as ‘Avatar day’. It’s amazing that such movies are created in this era by people who are more of researchers than ‘Movie makers’. I’m really excited for this one. Are you?

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Movies: Pick Of The Week

Two Bollywood movies got released this week from big banners. One is Madhur Bhandarkar’s JAIL, and other is Rajkumar Santoshi’s Love Chemistry “AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHAANI”. Both the movies came with loads of promises but eventually Raj Kumar Santoshi Failed to deliver again, while on the other hand Madhur has delivered as expected.


AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHAANI is about A boy Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) who is a school drop out and runs the local club, who fell in love with JENNY(Katrina Kaif) who is new in town but unable to express his love. Ranbir has delivered again a good performance after his recent release Wake Up Sid. The movie has some really good moments with some great pranks but apart from those few scenes rest of the movie leves no Impact on audience.

I am going 2/5 for this movie and rate this as an AVERAGE MOVIE. This is just a one time watch if you really do not have anything to do.


On the other hand JAIL delivered the content it promised. Parag Dixit ( Neil Nitin Mukesh) do justice to his role and looks like the best fit for it. Madhur has emphasize on his central character a lot and didn’t moved away from the storyline. Like his previous films FASHION etc. here also he has shown the struggle of a person in the world. Some part of film are really slow especially towards the end. Excess of emotion leaves the film to bore a little but they can be ignored. As an actress Mughdha Godse has nothing much to deal with the character.  A little small in length and a little fast climax could have made this movie a treat to watch this weekend.

I am going 3/5 for JAIL and rate this as an GOOD MOVIE and PICK OF THE WEEK. This could be the  movie you would love to watch this weekend.

BSNL to provide Free talktime for running ads of your choices on Mobile

In first of its kind of move, BSNL is launching an ad service where Users can choose to run ads over their GPRS enabled phones and can earn FREE talk time in return.


Users just need to dial 51235 or login to BSNL’s website to choose for the ad categories for which they would like to see ads.

This is very much similar to MGinger and other services, but real killer here is the instant free recharge! Users would be more willing to use this service because of direct benefit.

BSNL has a history of taking good initiatives but then losing on the same in longer run. Let’s see how other competitors replicate this idea.