Creative Marketing and innovative service offering: What more is there from DoCoMo?

The viral which generated quite a fuzz has put brand “DoCoMo” right at front on consumer’s mind. In fact, the brand awareness is so strong that you will find people speaking of DoCoMo without even knowing what exactly it is. DoCoMo is a GSM service from Tata’s stable and has applied innovative ideas both in media marketing and it’s service offerings. It currently operates in 8 circles across country and that may be the reason why people are still unaware of the real product. But still, the brand image of DoCoMo raises a lot of expectations in term of its innovative services.


The first offering which is unique is “pay-per-second” for call charges and “pay-per-text” for sms charges. Even though “pay-per-second” service can’t be termed as a new service (as it was launched way back in 2003 by BPL Mobile), the way it’s marketed by DoCoMo is very impressive. But there are other small and really effective services which are on offer-

  • Very cheap “pre pay” GPRS packs, which provide GPRS services for as low as Rs 15 for 20 MB download limit for 3 days and a Rs 95 pack for 100 MB download for 30 days. Very cheap as compared to my current idea plan (Rs 150 monthly for 30 MB download L).
  • A “Timed SMS” service which can send SMS to recipients at desired date and time.
  • Not charging users for first 30 seconds when they are listening from a list of “ring tones” before actually downloading any. Very good indeed, as initial IVR just takes keypad information to get us to the right track list and shouldn’t be charged, ethically.
  • They are launching various customer experience zones like “Dive In”, where user can compare Mobile handsets from various vendors and choose the right one as per the need. We already have stores like MobileNXT and the MobileStore in India and what experience “Dive in” will offer is something yet to be seen.
  • They have also launched a service “Geo Fencing” which can track people and aware concerned persons if the route of any vehicle carrying the person is diverted. This may be really effective for School children when they are travelling.
  • DoCoMo has really done well to create a good first impression and with all these services coming up, their offering looks promising. Digital advertisement has also been very impressive (2000 facebook fans and twitter followers). Do you think they can stand such media hype in the time to come?

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