Media makes Gandhiji’s anniversary memorable!

So, finally we had at least 3 media friendly reasons to remember Gandhiji’s anniversary this year. In past, we mostly had a Gandhiji movie and some news gossips about Bapu. So what made me write this post ‘TODAY’? It’s simply because this is the first time when I heard about Gandhiji’s anniversary 4-5 times a day through different media-

Google Doodle:


This was BIG. The first thing we usually do every morning is open a browser and hit Google. I was amazed by the Google’s  Doodle this time, featuring Gandiji over the prominent G-Letter and it looked perfect. In fact, I think this was one of the very bests of Google’s doodle! I saw this news spreading like wildfire over Facebook and other blog sites and was one of the best reason for so many internet savvy people to know about him on this day.

Montblanc’s 11 lakh Pen:


There was this other news 2 days back where Montblanc announced the launch of a luxury pen on Gandhiji’s jayanti. The pen costs whopping 11 lac Rupees and they just have 241 pens (Inspired by his 241 Mile Dandi March). This was a bit controversial as people also said that Gandhiji always led a simple life and such high profile fashion pen doesn’t suit his kind of style. Whatever the reason, we remembered him one way or other :).

Shashi Tharur’s comment:

Later in the day India’s Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor sparked off a debate on whether Gandhiji’s birthday should be a public holiday.  He said “Gandhiji always said that work is worship and hence we should also fulfill our responsibilities on this day!” Controversial enough, this also raged a roar over Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

Overall a media friendly day for Gandhiji, he remains India’s most famous icon even on his 140th birthday.

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