Media Monday: What’s Your Rashee’s Master print stolen- Does anyone care?

Media Monday: What?s Your Rashee?s Master print stolen ? Does anyone care?

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A Chinese daily blaming Indian Media- can you digest that?

china-daily-fpToday, I read that how a Chinese news paper has accused Indian media of sending wrong signals w.r.t to the current border dispute with China. Its very awkward that a Chinese news paper is telling us how to behave. I found this absurd, but at the same time somewhere my mind was saying that it may be a fact. This is what The China daily wrote “instead of informing, inspiring and trying to find the truth, it is trying to throttle professional ethics to raise the war rhetoric and sow seeds of enmity between the two peoples”.

On any normal day I’d simply reject this qoute out of my self respect for my country and my media. But days are not the same any more (that’s what my other self said)! I have even written many posts in the same line- blaiming Indian media for becoming too irresponsible and even fake to some extent. Hence, at this point in time I couldn’t simply reject any quote out of intuition. I needed to rethink on what The Chine Daily qouted.

There are actually 3 sides of this story and I honestly couldn’t decide which one is correct or logical, so I’ll just present them here-

1. Case -I: The China Daily is correct in both its intentions and content. This means that China really wants have a peaceful and healthy relationship with India and also; Chinese media wants that Indian media shouldn’t play the spoil sport during this process.

But somehow I think this is just too much to ask for, from China :)!

2. Case-II: The China Daily is correct in its intentions but may not be in the content. In such a case China wants to show itself in good light, and what better a medium to showcase that using the print media itself. Here, Indian media has a lesson to learn and things to prove. Indian media should come forward showing evidences and facts behind the story they have published till date. If that’s the scenario, am I asking too much from Indian media :)?

3. Case-III: The China Daily is incorrect in both its intentions and content. This theory will actually put The China Daily in the devil’s position as against the Indian media (which Chinese media is trying to do). This would mean- its actually the Chinese media which is trying to hide the true facts that the border is actually been crossed by Chinese troups. And they are blaming Indian media intentionally to present their country in good light even when they know that they are wrong in both their intentions and the facts behind the story.

I don’t know why but now my other-self is leaning more towards the facts presented in case III :). What do you say?

2nd phase viral launch for iDubba!

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