Can Mobile TV revolutionize TV viewing?

3364879553_3e7c724c0eMobile TV is yet to take off in India (in terms of growth). The facility is available in India for around a year but very few people are aware of it. Don’t know why? In this guest post I tried to answer some general questions which a user would like to know before subscribing to this service.

3 thoughts on “Can Mobile TV revolutionize TV viewing?

  1. I may be wrong, but that would seem to be a distraction. Perhaps if they were watching bloomberg for market trading it would work. Otherwise it would just seem to cut into their efficiency in seperating work from time at home.

  2. That’s a real good point James. The thing is, our mobile is so much engaged with various other activities that it’s difficult to watch a full length program over it. Only some of the specific shows can be watched that too during odd times. For live sports also, people are very much comfortable watching live scores rather than a live match!

  3. I agree with your POV. Mobile TV will work primarily as a supplementary channel to television and not replace television. However it could rapidly become a much more engaging medium than television.

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