The pursuit of Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant-4

All right! We accept it. This blog is crazy about Rakhi Sawant and can’t help but write about her inanities and overtures ( btw, who doesn’t? ;)).With her swayamver coming to a ceremonial end, and the rejected string of suitors, packing their bags and leaving (with  their respective barats in toe), we really can’t wait to know whats up Rakhi’s bejeweled sleeve next.Apart from the humongous public response, her swayamver set a record of sorts.  It has breached all previously set records of feigned affection (and other related plastic emotions) on national television,  so much for the much –touted  “reality” of it. The way a bunch of people came together and made up for the apparent absence of rakhi’s family was indeed laughable (personally I laughed my heart out at ram’s (the muhbola bhaiyya, who stood by Rakhi through all her stupidities and was an inspirational source for half of them) portrayal. What was even more amusing was the way well educated, phoren bred grooms queued up and jostled for space to court the elusive Rakhi, leave alone the bhangra and grooming sessions for the shutterbugs. How desperate could one get??

Jokes apart, Rakhi has  given Indian television a new style of programming to play with. Who else could pull off a show like that? Rakhi has monopolized this style, which for a while will remain restricted  to herself .The TRPs (which went through the roof on the D day) stand testimony to the fact that love or it loath it, we all watch it (yes intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals n wannabes included). N boi, does it sell !

[Note: Rakhi Ka Swayamvar was watched by 15.8 Million users on D-Day. Source- aMap]

4 thoughts on “The pursuit of Rakhi

  1. “Rakhi’s Swayamvar” has indeed excited not only us, students of communication, but more importantly, the avid TV watching Indian, who has showered his appreciation for the show. It is an interesting piece of study, to be read in the light of a similar success story “Sach Ka Saamna”-is the innate tendency of voyeurism and the insatiable appetite for peeping into celeb lives, all the more strengthened in the average Indian’s mind? Or, has he come of age to welcome with open hands, a new genre of reality TV?

    • Rakhi has certainly given Indian television a totally new perspective to reality. Instead of aping the west blindly the makers have actually brought out a concept from Indian history; “Swayamvar” which was predominantly restricted to the prince n princess of ancient & medieval India. Ofcourse one cannot forget the swayamvars tht hppn in the great indian epics.
      To conclude….Reality sells….but more than that ORIGINALITY sells and ofcourse Cultural touchpoints that smwher touch upon the culture of india would sell bigtym…

  2. @ Ramesh The maturity with which these shows have been embraced is indeed startling.In a country like ours where we tend to make a hue n cry about any and everything under the sun,exercising little tolerance or sanity,these shows do signal a transition in the Indian viewer’s mindset.hopefully it wouldn’t be a one off episode 🙂

  3. to add to this, Rakhi and Elesh are going to come on a show where Elesh will try to act as a baby sitter and will impress Rakhi. Rakhi on the other hand will just enjoy and play with the child :-P.
    The show will be aired on NDTV. I think they have hit a Jackpot with Rakhi ;-)!

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