iDubba launch update!

Hi All,
It’s a great pleasure to announce that we are soon going to launch our parent website (pronounced as I-Dabba). We have been working hard for quite some time to make it a success. For those who know less about iDubba here is a quick update–

“idubba started as a bleak idea about an year back, at Online Marketing Conference OMCAR and has seen quite a few ups and downs during the period. The basic idea was to give Television viewing a face lift using modern technologies such as Mobile and Internet to make it more scalable and simple. We started by understanding our own TV viewing behavior and then applied that knowledge to create iDubba. We made a full proof concept and were selected in 2 of the famous Int’l level B-Plan competitions – FMS and IIMC. Today when we know that there are more than 450 Channels over Television in more than 10 languages there can’t be a best time to launch iDubba, as iDubba can really ease day to day TV viewing for any person through its approach.”

iDubba’s concept is also liked by many TV Channels including Zee, Sony, Times Now, Neo sports etc. We’ll be launching the website by 7th and we’ll seek your inputs during the initial invitation phase launch. Each blog.idubba’s viewer is invited to test our website during this invitation phase launch and we’ll actively seek your feedback during the period.

Thanks for your support till now and wait for the BIG DAY- 7th of August!


iDubba Team.

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