Wait and watch as we unveil better and improved version of iDubba’s Viral

Hello Fans!

Thanks for an overwhelming response to iDubba’s first version. We are really overjoyed with the kind of response we received even during this content promotion.

Our main motive was to let you know about the concept we are working on and take your feedbacks to improve our product. We are incorporating those changes and we’ll present you a better and improved version of our Viral in a day or two. This will be a public launch for viral and we are hoping to get good number of dedicated users.

Thanks for all your support. Keep spreading the word for iDubba as we go on launching a next generation website for TV buffs.

Check out iDubba viral :)

hello friends,

Finally after much hype we have launched the viral for idubba. It tries to make you understand the concept behind our website.

One caution though- don’t think its the only thing we have got, we are improvising on various features and functionalities.

Show suggestions will keep on improving. So kindly bear with us! Will soon go live with our beta version :)! And yes, dont forget to spread the word!


‘Starting up’ -a cool new show on ET Now for Startups!


I’m glad that so many business news channels are coming up these days. With increasing competition the creativity in content is also visible. I accidentally watched this program while I was surfing my idiot box for something useful and AILAA I got that! Just the kind of show which I was looking for.

With increasing number of shows and channels, its like winning a lottery when one is able to find something which he/she is looking for! And that feeling is amazing. OK! now let me tell you about the show ‘Starting Up’-

In the first section, they showcased the final round of Conquest’09 which held at BITS, Pilani sometime back. There was also a short interview with founder of the winning team ‘Alchemy’ [I dont remember exactly if that was the name of the winning team :)]. In another section they featured CIIE i.e. Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship of IIM Ahemedabad. They told in every detail about the incubation center and its initiatives and also the link where we can apply for incubation, if one is interested.

After that came a very interesting section, ’empresario’. They featured one design and branding firm which is been run profitably by one person. After he showcased his expertise he was given guidance by Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal,
Managing Director – Helion Venture Partners (which was really encouraging).

The last section featured another founder from foodaholics who managed to start the business just by using her personal savings of 50k. The section was meant for early stage ventures who are hungry for investments :).

Over all a very likeable and informative show for all the startup enthusiasts. Do enjoy next time it features (Sun at 1:30 PM)!

And yeah, keep looking for updates from iDubba as we have launched as a mini ‘iDubba’ service :). Check it out!

iDubba iVerdict- 3.5 Stars.

Are movie reviews fixed?

Sometimes our weekend just depend upon new Movies which are released. Most of the time decision on which one to watch depends upon the reviews each movie has received. Based on some assumptions on how easily movie reviews can be influenced, I wrote this post over trak.in.

Read it, its controversial and fun :)!

From Surabhi to Swayamvar- TV viewing has seen a paradigm shift


In this guest post, I have penned down the cutural change which has happened in India and has brought a radical change to our mindset. Today in this technologically advanced world, we are running too far too quick. We want things to be personlised and we don’t like people forcing their choices upon us. Be it our friends or our family members, we have started enjoying things alone. iPods, Onlines Games and Internet they all promote individuality and personlization. Where are those family charmer shows like Surabhi or Ramayana? Today we are bugged by shows which definitely create interest but we can’t enjoy them with family. The whole purpose of TV has changed. I’d like to know your thoughts on this.