As I guessed! Sach ka Saamna faces politicians’ heat.

sach ka saamna

sach ka saamna

It’s just 2 days when I analyzed a serious trend Indian TV industry is following. In the same lines I read this news today.

Samajwadi Party MP Kamal Akthar raised the matter in Rajya Sabha today, alleging that “obscene questions” were being asked about contestants’ personal life in front of their family members. He said the show was against the “Indian culture”-

As I already said that today’s reality shows are expanding to new horizons and they are willing to experiment beyond our restricted mindset. And whenever we get a chance to see what is behind the curtains we are more than excited to watch it.

That’s the trend pertaining with Indian reality TV scene. We know that shows like “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” (Rakhi is the contentious word here), “Sach ka saamna” and “Roadies” are defintely not what Indian culture have allowed till few years back. That’s why today when we get access to such shows and that too in Indian lagauge with Indian people inacting, we get excited!

But my point is- if people are willing to see such shows no one (including I&B) could stop them. This feeling has to come from inside and we should start restraining ourselves from watching them if we don’twant to encourage Broadcasters to make more of such stupid shows.

1 thought on “As I guessed! Sach ka Saamna faces politicians’ heat.

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