IPTV- Some questions answered:

Well, we have been hearing about it a lot. IPTV can change the face of Television, especially in a country like India. But with the pathetic state of even BB in India is this just hype or are there some facts behind it.

I wrote a post over trak.in to answer some of the basic questions people have in mind about IPTV. Check the link to read the complete Blog.

2 thoughts on “IPTV- Some questions answered:

  1. IPTV is a new technology. The streaming video has a long way to go to watch anything long duration via internet. I am using MYWAY IPTV and it is not only a way of watching TV but you can buy recent movies. There are so many different features like games, free movies, interactive learning for school children etc. I am impressed with this technique. I personally feel it’s a great thing and i hope that most of the people will use it in coming years.

    • Hey Vishal,
      that’s really gr8 hearing from a person who has personally experienced the technology. I do agree that IPTV has a whole lot to provide than what we perceive now, but still there is long way to go. Lets hope that we can watch some really interactive TV in upcoming years!!

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