Did Jazz become so serious with its Ad?

Everyone was looking forward to “Jazz”. Me too. Honda Cars have always been about style and trust. And when it was announced that they will bring their Hatchback to India everyone got excited. Jazz is cool no doubt but the price tag is way too hefty (sorry for repeating. I know its a cliche now..). Anyways keeping all this thing in mind I watched the Jazz Ad. They have tried so many things with the Ad to make consumer understand that their Car is worth buying. But does the Ad helps? Lets analyze more–

There are 3 major things in the Ad to look for (yeah too many for a minute commercial ;-)..). One is the Cactus Plant (with a flower), other is the bubble (bursting out from every Car passed through) and last is the message that Cars bursting are from different Segments (SUVs, Hatchbacks etc). And to confuse you more the Ad ends with the Tagline “Why so serious?”.

Perhaps they tried to say so many things, but at the end they knew that only Youngsters are gonna go for it. Hence came the Tagline. But still you need to analyze these minute details to understand the Ad a little. Details such as- The man taking Cactus for her girlfriend (something casually done to impress her :-)), The bubbled car are of various different models (SUVs, Sedans and all) and at the end the bubbles (they send a message which I coudn’t get ;-)).

Whether I got the Ad or not, I’m not sure whether there is a niche market segment for Jazz. Let’s wait and watch.

What do you think about the Ad? Have a look at the Ad.

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