Cross culture Branding- says "Seedhi Baat In, Bakwaas Out"

These days we are seeing some of the very creative works in Indian Media Space. Be it the Zoozoo ads or this recent brand strengthening exercise by, we can see innovations happening from every corner.
When I checked this out I was startled. “Seedhi Baat In and Bakwaas Out” seems so logical yet so fresh, funny and cool.
From’s side its a great value add as Sprite clearly focuses on youth and has a strong one liner associated with it. People who are already a fan of Sprite are gonna love this.
Sprite (from Coke’s Stable) may have earned some bad name when it wrongly choose to advertise with Kolkata Knight Riders, as that team was as Bakwaas as it can get :-D. But this time its a Win-Win situation for both of them, as is network 18’s most successful online initiatives till date.
I can only say hats off to “Madison Media Infinity” for coming up with this brilliant idea.

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