circa 2015

With the explosion of DTH in india, many of the broadcasters are in a hurry to introduce international channels to desi audiences with the  latest in line being Big TV, all set to ink a deal with Fox and Warner Bros .As this trend continues Indians would be exposed to a bevy of niche channels from overseas in the times to come. While there is no dearth of options available currently, niche channels have been gaining ground fiercely over the last two years.and to my idle mind this provides food for a lot of thought ! wonder what this would mean for indian audiences 5 year hence…as more and more international channels queue up to make an Indian debut. while this is great news for the ones seeking variety, many feel it also aggravates the problem of plenty. Heres a take..fancy this…

MAY 7th, 2015    20:00 hrs

Just back from office, Amal Bhatnager wants his dope on the stock features on fox finance, and also a look at highlights of the day’s match on channel Football( yeah, we have a channel for every sport now ) while Mrs Bhatnager is clamoring for the remote to check if the oriental cuisine she was preparing is going well or not ( she is a regular viewer of the various gourmet channels, and devotes at least one hour each viewing thai chtaka, the French channel crème’ brue ley, and her favorite the Italian connection.but neither met success as Nupur, the little Ms Bhatnager wont budge and let go of the remote.She is too busy watching one of her favorites pet care channels, dog’s life, with the Chihuahua huddled in her lap ,making sympathetic noises.

Lets take the fantasy a little further…Master bhatnager, Ayaan barges in and snatches the remote from his elder sister (he is the only one in the family who gets away with this kinda audacity:) ) ,for his daily dose of jhupla, his favorite kids adventure channel 😛 (well, if you had any thoughts that gen ‘z’ kids would settle for those outdated cartoons, brush them away right here!)..Others had no option but to look on (coz somethings never change ;))

While you ponder over what more could be coming your way,I will quietly slip back to the present, where my mom is busy in an animated discussion over the sari Sonia was wearing at a rally and how she looked oh-so-graceful :), while simultaneously lapping up every word Sanjeev kapur utters on khana khazana……

2 thoughts on “FANCY THIS !

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