Creative Ad by Vodafone in recession times

It seemed that Vodafone will lose the Hutch touch after removing the ‘PUG’ from the Ad. Afterall it took a lot of effort and time for people to relate Hutch with the Pug, that was a great Brand reckoning technique.

When Vodafone acquired Hutch they spent 100 Crores on Brand transition and awareness. And the best part is they didnt go about it in a hurry. First it was the Pug which was there and communicating the Brand being renamed. Then slowly those Ads were replaced by some creative cartoons, communicating the message subtly but effectively. People slowly started forgetting that there was a cute puppy for Hutch, what they remember now are those beautiful cartoon ads.

I’m writing this because of the recent Ads created by Vodafone for IPL. The cute creatures are really capable of attracting anyone’s attention and more importantly they don’t cost as huge as a live video involving a Pug.

Creativity and Innovation at its best during recession! That’s all I can say.

Watch the Video I like the most–

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2 thoughts on “Creative Ad by Vodafone in recession times

  1. Hi Rabi,
    I have seen these adds these are really good man. This a very creative and innovative technic to these day with out spending much money. This is also create a revolution in add industry.

  2. As I posted this some time back, after which these Ads became really a talk of town, I needed to update some info.
    No these are not animations. They are human beings and are called ZooZoos. Cool name, supercool characters and awesome ads.
    Vodafone and O&M have struck the right cord this time and they deserve an award for this.

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