IPL-IPL: Optimism in Recession

The time has come again.
The most fabulous Cricket Journey which started Last Year has come back with a BANG!!!!
There are so many controversies around which have already provided the MASALA that was required to put IPL in the SPOTLIGHT yet again!
Be it recession hit Airline and lifestyle firm “Kingfisher” buying Peterson for $1.5 Mn or the shifting of IPL from India due to security concerns at the time of Elections. Controversies after controversies have given IPL the kind of media attention that was not possible even after spending millions of dollars.
Analysts say that with IPL individual teams can earn whopping 250 Crores each just from Sponsorships.
Its also a good news for Sony. Set Max says that 85% of the Ad slots are already bought. No one ever could have bet such kind of money making reality at this time of Recession.
“Cricket” a game which is more or less unknown in the West (Mainly US) shows a ray of hope at such bad time. Can you imagine? An Idea born out of India (that too related to a sport) has given so much to the World this time. Makes me feel proud!!!

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