Last week’s Devil’s Advocate with Qureshi- why make such shows??

I’m usually a big fan of “Devil’s Advocate” with Karan Thapar. His intuitive and grilling abilities really sweats off anyone who’s on the Devil’s side.
However last week’s show was an exception–
with Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the other side (Pak’s foreign Minister) and our very own Thapar Shaheb this side, the show became much of a melodrama rather than a serious advocate show. The problem was not with the format or anything. It was with the questionnaire– just because you have got Qureshi on one side and Thapar on the other doesnt mean that you would be able to bring out every bit of truth from Pak’s side… WTF!!!! Dead 
It was like– we know yaar what the answer that man would provide, why you’r making a mock of the show. Such redundant shows doesnt help anyone but the broadcasting news channel in getting TRPs.
What are your thoughts? I may be wrong but I strictly felt the way I penned!

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