Excesses of reality

Such is the tragedy of the Indian tv viewer that if u too are fed-up of the reality tamasha happening on the Indian screen , believe me, you are not alone.

Reality shows started with a bang and as they were a welcome relief from the mind numbing saas -bahu serials, they became the flavor instantly. People loved the idea of watching others in real life situations and how they deal with them, enjoying their misery and happiness at the same time.

Its been found of great use , especially in India and the subcontinent where the emotional quotient is quite high. So you are sitting on a goldmine of an audience,if you make something which emotionally charges up people and gets their tear gland working over time.

Then all hell broke loose, and came the era of post-teen, youth based shows in India .at once, obscenity, brutality and self centeredness gained a whole new meaning, diametrically different from the earlier ones and the gang of bachhas ( clueless bunch of 20 somethings ) got the entire nation hooked to it.

This concept is usually explored by channels like ‘MTV‘, ‘V‘, ‘Bindass‘ etc. Currently the only form of this show is ‘Splits villa ‘ in MTV, which itself seems like a spin-off from the immensely successful ‘Roadies‘.

Though the earlier versions were still bearable ,The current Indian television screen is swarmed by content hardly fit for most audiences .So you have a makeup- disaster- gone- bad Palomi, whining away to glory on a roadies show, while a sadomasochist- of- a- chic hurls the choicest of expletives at the contestants with gr8 fluency in Dadagiri .One show which had me particularly troubled was the latest offering by a certain lady. Rakhi sawant , the actress known for her bold overtures has her “swayamver ” in the offing where she plans to “test ride” 15 men( whatever that means!!) ,with rakhi gyrating bootyliciously at them , i wonder how many of the 15 men will actually survive to put up with their uncertain future.Though the fate of the show is still to be sealed, the sensibilities of a huge section of the population have been challenged yet again .Wonder where we’d go from here. .hope we are nearing the end of the dark tunnel…

1 thought on “Excesses of reality

  1. Reality shows have become the current flavor of season. With TV channels losing every bit of sensible ideas to generate good content, reality show concept has come as a breather.
    Although Im not completely against them as some of them really provide platforms for young talents. Its the other kind of reality shows which go to the extent of vulgarity by using one fine sound “Beep”,”Beep” these shows actually make me feel pissed off!
    So we have two broad categories of Reality shows–
    1. talent hunt reality shows.
    2. daring/vulgar/masala reality shows.

    talent hunt programs have reached a stage where they have gone from a need to niche to decent to wonderful and finally to drama. At the end people start believing that everything behind the scene is a Drama, with sensible MDs, singers, actors cat fighting each other. Still its bearable!

    The other kind of reality shows started off with none other than Roadies. They tried to target youth with commendable daring attitude and bindaas boli. However that Bindaas boli was accepted by the censor as it hides behind a beep sound. I bet even idiots (and off course their Parents) can understand the words behind the beep sound. But they are unknown to the censor board as they are supposed to be the most gullible people around.
    Roadies was still tolerable being one of its kind first show. But the problem is others have now found an excuse to play around with similar beep model funda and using the same to show extreme vulgarity and stupidity.
    There are people who can do everything to be in limelight and there are people who can use any means to generate money.
    Its for the censor board to draw a line, more than that its for us to show some sanity!!!

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