Is TV Guide concept finally Booming in India?

First it was zipazap which tried to capitalize on the concpet of pure TV Guide/schedules in India. Earlier Yahoo TV, indiatimes TV were also giving TV Schedules but shear amount of rise in the number of TV Channels made MediaE2E focus completely on a web service to cater to the Guide need of Indian TV enthusiasts.
Zipazap however lacked the modernism of today’s website (no web 2.0 concepts) and shear amount of TV data flooded it like anything. Personally speaking it was more easy to surf channels over Tata Sky than to find them over zipazap.
After that (around a year back) Burrp TV launched with lesser channels and better implementation. It was very near to the Standards of international TV websites/tv guides. It also attracted loads of traffic for Burrp.
Now, burrp is been aqcuired zipazap is also revamped. MediaE2E has rebranded itself as whatsonindia (similar name to There new TV Guide looks very much to be in competition with Burrp with similar features and functioanlities. Though it looks like it will take some time for people to notice whatsonindia TV guide and convert from burrp TV to whatsonindia.

Lets see where this business in India heading towards…

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