WANTED: A solution for television clutter

The online television information/content space has witnessed a lot of activity off late. with the recent launch of the new site by star, startv.in the fact that people like to collect information about television programming content over the internet has again been acknowledged and has gained even more momentum .

Though it  seems like  a commendable effort on the part of star to get in touch with its online consumer base, the financial viability of the project still seems hazy. Several thoughts randomly puzzle me, for eg. In this time and age, where a market like India is crowded with  almost 5-6 prime GECs, and the concept of consumer loyalty fast diminishing ,why would viewers want to go to a site where there is information/content  available for just one, or say a couple of channels? Would’nt it be so much better and worth the viewer’s while if we could have a platform common to all channels where there is info available for all the shows we really want to watch ,and not tons of info bombarded on us sans reason? A lot many sites like burrp, zipazap have come to the fore ( burrp has been particularly good with its service) still a lot is left to be desired. The recent launch of real has only enhanced the clutter in the viewer’s mind, and apparently the situation would only aggravate hereafter, until something revolutionary comes across. Is there an end in sight to television clutter?? I’d certainly like to hope so …..


1 thought on “WANTED: A solution for television clutter

  1. Hi,

    the biggest problem in the execution of any streaming video related website is its reach. BB still hasn’t reached to masses in India and majority of those who use BB use a 128 kbps line or lower (not a BB in true sense). So I don’t see a feasibility for websites which show videos running for more than 10 minutes. Yes these kind of websites generate good traffic from NRI’s living in US,UK or Dubai. But for Indians who want a solution for this TV clutter we need a solution which can understand the need of Indian viewers. Which can use platforms like Internet and Mobile, but it should also understand that real problem is not accessibility of shows over TV, its about not knowing what is coming at what time.
    its also about knowing what to watch from thousands of program running across channels. Viewers should also understand which channel they should subscribe to get max value out of it.
    Problem is huge, solution may be as complex or very simple. But it has to come!

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