recent faceoff between multiplexes and bollywood producers: who to blame and who gains?

When I saw this news, I was a bit surprised– from past 4 years I have been hearing that Multiplexes have made Movie producers to recover money in just 1-2 weekends. Even bad movies with a decent advertising campaign and good star cast can recover their money because of Multiplexes. Gone were the days when Movies had to stood 2-3 months to be declared a hit. Everything was in Producers’ advantage, but what happened suddenly??

In my opinion it is more of an EGO issue than anything else. Why? Well.. as far as I have seen poeple like Shahrukh and Amir Khan have joined hands for this cause i.e. 50-50 partnership between Multiplexes and Producers. That means quality people now needs their share of money if their movie becomes a superhit. It’s not about those producers’ who gained because of Multiplex format, its about those who lost because their Movies were actual hits. People like Ashutosh who made “Jodha Akbar” which was a critically aclaimed movie couldnt earn as per the potential. Hence these quality people have an EGO issue here. Non-deserving producers earn same as quality producers. Did you find Ghajini to be more deserving than any movie being till date to earn highest money? Marketing ingenuinty from Amir was one and only one point.

Now the question arises that who gains from all this— Offcourse no one!!!

Producers’ these days cant think of earning even 50% without multiplexes and during this recession there cant be a worse time for Multiplexes to fall in such a rift. But seeing the timing of Producers and big actors (Note that no big budget movie is releasing in this period) it seems that current losers would be Multiplexes. But, Multiplexes can throw a rebound punch if there IPL Cricket match shows become a success.

What happens…time can only tell. But its an interesting situation developing up..Lets wait and Watch!

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1 thought on “recent faceoff between multiplexes and bollywood producers: who to blame and who gains?

  1. the issue in question here is not a new one,in fact time and again,major mutiplex chains and producers have had tiffs over the distribution rates,as each wants to take home the best deal.there is no denying the fact that multiplexes have brought a new life to cinema in India and spurred growth for quality/niche content, and pertinently it is this power they command( because of their massive numbers and subsequent cartelisation) that they are trying to leverage.with growing chains they have gained substantial muscle and are now able to demand desired rates from the producers and cine goers.Wonder if a regulatory authority/ombudsman can help resolve the issue…

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